What Do I Want for Christmas 2022? Make a Wishlist!

what do i want for christmas

What Do I Want for Christmas? Christmas is the time when people like to go shopping for almost anything they need, and retailers attract people with huge discounts and offers. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday type of deals, buyers can save plenty of money. However with little time to buy people get confused about what things they need and sometimes they may forget. So today, we have come with plenty of answers to the question I Don’t Know What do I want for Christmas?

To make it easy we have divided the article into five parts Unisex, Men, Women, Teenage Boys, and Teenage Girls, to find what they want quickly. We have added items based on the most common things people like to buy. Hope we have answered your question in this article. So let’s check it and do some shopping for this Christmas.

What Do I want for Christmas

Unisex – What Do I Want for Christmas (Christmas Wishlist)


Chocolates are one of the most loved food items on the planet; they are equally loved by kids, teens, adults. Chocolates are also one of the most presented gifts for many occasions. They come in a lot of varieties with different ingredients like coconut, caramel, dry fruits, milk, sugar, and more. There are also different types of chocolates like dark chocolate, white chocolate, and more. Selecting a good chocolate gift box would come with plenty of chocolate varieties. Godiva Chocolatier Gold Ballotin comes with up to 36 pieces of different chocolates. A good taste of chocolate could be the one for What do I want for Christmas.


Jackets are the most required fashion garments for the cold Christmas season. The temperatures in The United States are 67.4°F in Hawaii to 2.6°F in Alaska. Even if you take the highest 67.4°F of Hawaii, you would require a Jacket or other similar garments to make you warm. So getting a new Jacket for you and your family would be an essential article for you. You can choose from plenty of models depending on the area you live like water resistant, less weight, stylish and more. Getting a Jacket is the most essential and the answer you are seeking for the question what do I need for Christmas.


If you like to go shopping or get a new pair of shoes, then it’s time for you to do a start. At Christmas, you would be getting a lot of new presents and you would be buying a lot of new stuff adding a pair of new shoes to it would look great overall. So getting shoes could be the one solution for What do I need for the Christmas question. There are many awesome online shopping sites with a great collection and the Christmas season is best for discounts. You can browse the catalogs of the online shops and save them in the wish list and buy them when discounts are available. There is plenty of models and a large winter collection for you to choose from and buy.


Getting a Dog or Cat could be a nice idea for many animal lovers or people who feel lonely and like to have company. If you are one of them then getting a pet would be a great start to celebrating this Christmas. The most popular pets in the world are Dogs, and Cats occupy the first two places and then fish, small mammals, birds, and reptiles. Getting large pets especially dogs could be a lot expensive which differs from the breed and age of the animal. However, once opinion may vary and also you should be comfortable with pets and their maintenance. A fun fact there are more pets in the United States than children. So, what do I want Christmas could be a pet for you.

Fitness Band

Are you a Fitness freak or trying to get into a good shape and healthy body? Then getting a fitness activity tracker would help you to accomplish this task. They also come in different shapes, sizes, and designs you can select a sleek and stylish one like Fitbit Alta or a more feature-rich and yet stylish like Fitbit Charge 2.

Fitbit is one of the earliest fitness tracker developers, and they have plenty of models to suit almost everyone’s requirements. Both Fitbit Alta and Fitbit Charge 2 have many similarities like steps; distance traveled, sleep tracker, notifications, GPS, reminders to move, the long battery life of 5 days, and a few more. Where both of them differ is Fitbit Alta is slimmer than Fitbit Charge 2 which is also a slim model, this size variation is due to the lack of a heart rate sensor in Fitbit Alta. So thereby you can select a fitness activity tracker to help you stay fit. A fitness tracker could be the answer to “What Do I Want for Christmas” for you.

Movie Subscription

The days of going to a Blockbuster store are long gone. This is a new generation of On-Demand Movie Subscriptions. Netflix and the internet have changed the way people watch TV and Movies. There is nothing better than enjoying this holiday season with your loved ones by watching a new movie or a TV show. A Movie Subscription like Amazon VideoNetflix, or Hulu is a “What do I want for Christmas” solution for you. Out of the three services, we would prefer getting an Amazon Prime Subscription which comes with Amazon Video, free shipping of your Amazon deliveries, music subscription, unlimited books, and photo storage. All of this at just 99$ a year what more could you get for 99$ and Amazon Prime would be a lot useful for you over the whole Christmas Holiday season.

Music Subscription

Are you a Music Lover and like to hear your favorite songs whenever and wherever you want? Then getting a Music Subscription like SpotifyApple Music or Amazon Prime Music could be a lot entertaining for this Christmas holidays. Most of the music streaming services come with millions of songs in their catalog, and you can find plenty of new songs in the genres you like with just a tap of your fingers. Off the three major services getting a Spotify or Apple Music would be better if you are attached to your headphones 24/7. Otherwise, you can go to Amazon Prime Music. It had less catalog of 1.3 million songs compared to 10’s of millions of songs on Spotify or Apple Music. If you get an Amazon Prime Subscription of 99$ a year, you could get a lot more than Music like Prime Video, Free Shipping, Unlimited books, and photo storage. So, if you are a Music Lover, then a music service subscription could be your solution for what do I want for Christmas.

Echo Devices

Smart Home devices are the current trend in the electronic devices we use in our homes. Amazon Echo devices are one of them and come with a virtual assistant to perform a lot of activities with word of mouth. Alexa is similar to the Siri or Google Assistant on your smartphones; they can make a call or send a message, play music, read the latest news, set reminders, alarms, timers, and weather. A smart home device like the Echo could be the one for what do I want for Christmas questions.

Amazon Echo devices can do all of those and a lot more too; it can control other smart home devices like smart bulbs. They can let you order pizza, book a cab, and a lot more if the sellers have Alexa integration. If you are familiar with smart home devices, then get a new upgraded Amazon Echo Plus. If you are new and would like to test them, then get Echo Dot which costs less.

Magazine Subscription

Magazines are best for people who like to learn more or stay updated on the topic they like. There are plenty of magazines related to 100’s topics like Tech, home, kitchen, food, music, fitness, health, general, travel, games, fashion, movies, and a ton more topics. You can search and find the best magazines that interest you and get a subscription to them. Technology also got updated, and most of the magazines are now also coming in digital formats and also cost less. If you have an iPad or tab digital format would be a lot handy and easier. We hope getting a magazine subscription would be the answer to your question about what do I want for Christmas.

Kindle e-Reader

Kindle e-Reader had revolutionized the way how people read a book. They are thinner and lighter and come in the size of a regular novel which makes them more comfortable to read than an ordinary book. They have no screen glare unlike tablets or mobiles and are also brighter even in the sunlight. They can hold thousands of books almost like a standard library in your palms. Kindle e-Readers can also read audiobooks through your earphones or headsets using Bluetooth. A single charge lasts for weeks and with Kindle Unlimited or Prime Subscription users can read as many books as they like from the Kindle store.

Smart Phone

Is your phone got broken or making you uncomfortable now and then? Or you have been using a pretty old model which lacks in latest features? Then getting a new Smart Phone is the solution for What do I want for Christmas. The latest smartphones come with a lot of features than the models 2 to 3 years back: fingerprint scanner, higher megapixel cameras, dual camera, storage of up to 256 GB, higher RAM, and processing power, high-quality display, and more. If you are an iPhone user, then you can buy the latest iPhone 8 or 8+ or iPhone X which are much advanced than the iPhone 5 models. The Android Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, and OnePlus 5 are the most popular models with high benchmarks and quality. If you are not willing to spend a lot on mobile, then you can choose iPhone SE which costs a lot less than iPhone 8 or X or choose Moto G Plus or other models in the Moto series in less price segment.

Coffee Maker

Do you know? A coffee lover drinks almost 3.1 cups of coffee per day. If you are one of those people who drink coffee frequently, then it is time for you to buy a good coffee maker if you do not have one already. Having a coffee maker handy can save a lot of time and money and help you to reach your caffeine levels easily.

Cuisinart DCC-3200 is one of the bestselling coffee makers which comes with a 14 cup glass carafe. This model ensures your coffee is hot and tasty. Users can also program the coffee makers according to their usage. Other important features are its BPA free, Auto-Off, and cleaning functions. There is nothing more than having a coffee in the morning and that too without the need to make the coffee by yourself. Cuisinart DCC-3200 is the perfect solution for coffee lovers who are searching answer to what do I want for Christmas.

VR Headset

Virtual Reality is one of the most interesting and new technologies present in the market and having one in your house could be great for you or the kids. VR headsets are available in a larger price segment from as low as 10$ to as high as 800$. Most of the VR headsets require a smartphone to use; they can be used to view 360° degree photos, play games, view places, watch videos, use simulators, and much more. If you are already having a PS4 Pro in your house, then the Play Station VR headset can fit right into it. Even though the future applications for VR are a lot, the present applications are limited to entertainment. So get a VR headset to enter into a new world staying in your home. A VR Headset would be the best answer according to us for your question. What do I need for Christmas.

Smart 4K T

If you are willing to spend large bucks for this Christmas then buying a new Smart 4K TV would be a great choice, it’s only if you are unsatisfied with your current TV. Because a Smart 4K TV would cost you 350$ to high as 1000$ for a feature-rich Smart 4K TV. Getting a 45+ inch screen television would be an awesome thing to have in your living room. With Smart TV you can connect to Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Video, and a whole bunch of applications without the need for any accessories.

If you are already having an HD TV and just like to have the Smart features like connecting to Netflix or YouTube, then we suggest you buy a Chrome Cast or Amazon Fire TV Stick. We prefer Amazon Fire TV Stick as it can do a lot more than Chrome Cast. So, research about them if you are interested to find a suitable one for you.

Portable Speaker

Portable Speakers have become so common nowadays and are very handy for music enthusiasts and travelers. Latest Portable Speakers are coming with a lot of useful features and a solid build. JBL Flip 4 is one bestselling portable speakers in the market with a bunch of unique and useful features. JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker is one of the highest quality speakers and had 12 hours of battery life. It inbuilt voice assistant, quality music output, and of these all it is waterproof. This top-rated Bluetooth speaker is one of the best products you could buy, and it comes with an affordable price tag. Getting a portable Bluetooth speaker could be the solution for what do I want for Christmas.

Smart Door Bell

Securing your house would be what you need for this Christmas, and a smart doorbell could help you with this. A Smart Door Bell comes with a wide-angle camera that records, sends alerts whenever you go a visitor. Ring Door Bell 2 is the top-rated and selling Smart Door Bell with more than 4.5-star ratings. It alerts you not only when your doorbell rings but also it tracks motion with inbuilt sensors. Users can watch or listen to their doorbell directly from mobile whenever and wherever they want. It would help you to secure your home a lot more than the present. So get a Smart Door Bell if you want to protect your home from property crimes.


Christmas is the time when people like to upgrade or get new items as a way of enjoying the festive season. It would be the perfect time for people to buy expensive products if you haven’t already spent. Laptops are also very much necessary for college students to complete their projects, assignments, and help in their studies. Is your old, and outdated specs laptop is irritating and slowing your work? Then why are you waiting? Get the new latest model with at least five years of future proof and have a new start for 2023. Laptops specs had changed a lot in recent years with faster SSDs, DDR4 RAM, high processing CPUs, large HDDs, faster graphics cards, and a lot more. So investing a good sum of money could eliminate one of your yearlong problems and gets you more productive. Getting a new laptop could be the key to what do I want for Christmas.


Electronics is such a huge category, and we may not specifically identify a product that requires you. We have mentioned a lot of electronics in this article like a portable speaker, laptop, smart doorbell, smartphone, and a lot. However, there are still a ton of different other products in this category like printers, home theater, 5.1 speakers, projectors, and a lot more. Only you may know what type of gadget or electronic item you need so we suggest you ask yourself or Click Here to view various types of electronics. What Do I Need for Christmas could be a new home theater or a 3D printer for you?


Modern Watches are considered one of the most fashionable parts of our daily lifestyle. People like to buy new watches for fashion or pride or out of love other than the common usage of telling us time. With the increase of mobiles, people are using mobile phones to check the time more often than using a watch. If you are in love with watches or fashion, then get a new watch for this Christmas. Buy a new Swiss Watch and gift yourself a beautiful piece of art. If you are just a normal person who uses a watch to check the time and just needs a good-looking watch for your lifestyle, then it’s the best time to go shopping. As you know the Christmas season is best for discounts and the latest models and buying a new watch could be what you need for Christmas.

Power Bank

Are you one of those who mobile drain halfway through the day? It annoys a lot seeing a smartphone at less than 20% of the battery and not finding a way to charge it. If so get a new power bank and find the next What Do I Want for Christmas answer.

Here comes Anker PowerCore 10000 for them with a battery pack up to 3 times of an iPhone 6s with a total capacity of 10,000 mAh. This could be the end of your battery issue, Anker PowerCore is the smallest and lightest power bank in the market. It comes with high-speed charging and also had 18 months of warranty support. There are larger models too in the Anker PowerCore series of up to 20100 mAh and other models with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 support.

Car Charger

Most of the old USB car chargers are just a piece of junk, and they charge the device slower than a tortoise. If your car’s charge condition is the same, then you should be buying a new one, and they cost very little. Our best option is RAVPower 36W Dual USB Car Charger which costs very little and charges almost any device that can be connected to a USB cable. It also comes with two USB ports which means you can charge two devices simultaneously. It also supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3 if you have a compatible device. Plenty of inbuilt safety features helps to protect your device from overheating, short circuits, or overcharging. Haven’t you found the answer to What do I want for Christmas? No problem we still have plenty of ideas to check out.

DSLR Camera

This is purely for people who love to take photographs and want to level up to a professional. You may be thinking I have got an iPhone and my shots look awesome why do I even need to get another? You may be right but to become a professional you need to understand a lot more than angles and pixels. A DSLR comes with a bunch of features that you may have never heard of. They give you more control over the camera, lens, shutter speed, exposure, and a lot more. Also remember they are so pain in the ass for beginners, so unless you are having a passion for it, we don’t recommend you to buy it. So getting a new DSLR camera could be the satisfaction for the question what do I want for Christmas.

Streaming Device

People like to watch movies and especially during holidays and Christmas is one best time to watch all of the new movies you have missed. With movie subscriptions like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, you can watch most of the movies online on a Smart TV. If you do not have a Smart TV, then it’s best for you to get a streaming device like Roku Express or Amazon Fire TV Stick. Connecting them to the HDMI port allows you to use plenty of apps like YouTube, Twitch, Netflix, Hulu, and a lot more. Combining a streaming device with the internet and a movie subscription would provide you with unlimited entertainment right in your fingers. What Do I want for Christmas? A Streaming Device may be.

Travel Pillow

BCOZZY Chin Supporting travel pillow would be an excellent companion in your journeys. If you are a frequent traveler, you would have felt every time the comfort of a pillow. With BCOZZY Chin Supporting travel pillow you would never have another stressful pillow during your travels. Unlike other travel pillows, this one went an extra mile and connects the whole neck of you to the smooth surface of the pillow. They also come in a variety of colors and sizes for both adults and kids. Finally, if you are a frequent traveler then get a BCOZZY Chin Supporting travel pillow and hope this could be the solution for the question of what do I want for Christmas.

Tile Pro

Are you having the habit of forgetting stuff like keys, and bags? Then you have to take a look at Tile Pro; it’s a tiny device that can be attached to stuff. It allows you to track stuff within a range of 200 feet by connecting it to your mobile using Bluetooth 4.0. Whenever you forgot the stuff just press a button on your mobile, and it will make a noise loud enough to identify the location. Also you no need to worry about charging as it works using batteries which would run for a year and Tile Pro is also durable and waterproof. So getting a Tile Pro could be the end of searching stuff around the house and for the question what do I want for Christmas.

What Do I want for Christmas

Men – What Do I Want for Christmas?

DJI Phantom P3-Standard

DJI Quad Copter

Quadcopters are no more considered as toys; the latest drones can do a lot more than just be cool. DJI Phantom P3 Standard is one such quadcopter from the best drone maker DJI. It is the lowest priced DJI drone and yet one of the best in the market. It comes with a fixed 2.7K video camera which takes videos and photos with ease. The flight time of the drone is also good at 25 minutes, and it had plenty of cools and easy-to-use features like follow me, and point of interest. You can live stream the recording from even half a mile away on your mobile or tablet.

Get a DJI Phantom P3 Standard to enjoy and record your favorite moments with your friend and family and be happy this Christmas. So, what I want for Christmas could be this drone to make you cherish this Christmas.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier


Smart Watches is the ongoing trend in the gadget frontier and here comes the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier which just looks like any normal watch. Except it isn’t, it comes with plenty of specs and features. It notifies you of messages, calls, alerts, by connecting to your smartphone through Bluetooth 4.0. Users can also answer the calls without the need to pick up their mobile. Samsung Pay is inbuilt within the Gear S3 with which you can make payments with a swing of your wrist. With 2 to 3 days’ battery life, this is one of the best smartwatches on the market. A new gadget like Samsung Gear S3 Frontier would be a memorable thing for this Christmas and answer for I don’t know what I want for Christmas.

Fender Acoustic Guitar


The holidays season is the best time for everyone to come out of their boring jobs and studies and start doing something they wanted to do for a long time. Learning or playing guitar is one such thing, get a new Fender Acoustic Guitar at less than 150$ and start playing. So what are you waiting for get a guitar and buy an online course for learning Guitar or you have plenty of videos on YouTube. Learning music instruments has never been so easy with plenty of blogs, videos, and courses on the internet. A guitar could be the answer to your question about what I want for Christmas. Fender Acoustic Guitar is one of the top-rated and best-selling guitars on plenty of online stores and order one today. Just imagine how happy you would be after weeks of learning a guitar and playing a family or Christmas song on Christmas Day with your family.

Learn your Passion

Udemy, Lynda, Treehouse, Skillshare

Everyone had a passion for something and would have left it or was unable to start spending time on it due to personal problems or career choices. Well, you can rectify this by trying to start spending time on your passion for this Christmas season. Plenty of people like to learn musical instruments, sing songs, play their favorite sport, make a movie, design clothes, build stuff, destroy stuff and a lot more There are plenty of online learning sites like UdemyLynda, and the giant YouTube to guide you. Just dig your buried passion and find the ways to learn and spend time on it and make this Christmas season a memorable one. Finding your passion and working on it would be the answer to your question about what I want for Christmas 2022.

Action Camera


Over the last decade, action cameras have been a part of adventures, sports, outdoor entertainment, and easy video recording. They have changed the way we used to record videos as they can be mounted almost anywhere and can withstand anything. All of that is because they are durable, small, costs less, waterproof, and lightweight all of that at recording at a high resolution of up to 4K for more than an hour. Our best pick is SEENTRON 4K Ultra HD Sports camera which comes with 4K recording at 60 FPS, wide-angle camera, waterproof up to 100ft, inbuilt Wi-Fi, and works for 90 minutes. All of that cost around 50 dollars and weigh just 2.2 ounces what more do you need to record for this Christmas. If you are looking for a branded go with GoPro or Yi action cameras which by the way are just advanced by a few measures at a much higher price. So, if you are going to buy your first Action Camera gets a SEENTRON 4K Ultra HD Camera. What Do I Want for Christmas? An Action Camera may be!

BBQ Grill


Christmas is the time when all our family and friends meet and spend time together, what could be better than a Barbeque Party?  Well, to throw a good BBQ Party you need to have a BBQ Grill, if you are having a good one, then you are going to have another best Christmas year. Maybe throwing a BBQ party is what you need for Christmas to spend quality time with your family and friends.

If you are not having a BBQ Grill and planning to buy one? Then Christmas season is the best time to get one. However, buying a grill is a complicated job, you need to be sure of plenty of specs. The type of energy source, size of the burner, BTU of the Grill, build quality and the ease of cleaning, and a lot more. Grills are available at plenty of price ranges and click here to find the best grills on the market.

3D Printer


3D Printer is one of the many new technologies like VR and Smart Home devices which are still at the developing stage. But what a 3D Printer can do is endless, at present users can create or manufacture a lot of objects right at home. It also involves a lot of things to learn to make it fruitful and unless you are a geek or nerd with a lot of curiosity we don’t suggest you get one.

da Vinci mini 3D Wireless Printer is one affordable 3D Printer we suggest getting for starters and even this costs around 200 to 300 dollars. Some of the best 3D Printers in the market cost more than 1000$ and may go as high as 2500 dollars. If you are curious about 3D Printers, then we suggest you start with something smaller. So, get a new 3D Printer and start learning and building stuff and get the answer again for What do I want for Christmas again.

Office Desks

Office Desk

Do work on a computer or a laptop a lot from your home and you do not have a comfortable setup? Then you may need to free up some space and get a new computer desk or build one for yourself if you are also a hardware person. Buying a new computer desk may not solve all your problem it may need a few more extras or time to get used to. However, if you build a computer desk according to your need, then you can add or remove it as you need and make one suitable for you.

Go on to the internet and search for DIY ideas, processes, and requirements to build a computer desk. If you feel you can do it on a reasonable budget, then you should start the work. However most of the time you may not have the right tools, and they may cost way more than a new computer desk. In that case, go to all the furniture stores in your area and find one the best suitable for you.

DIY Tools

DIY Tools

You may be past your twenties and having a family, and you should be more prepared for new things in your life more than ever. Well, I am just talking about the household stuff, which you no longer can ignore or procrastinate repairs anymore. So you need to have all the basic hardware tools to fix most of the hardware problems. Most of the plumber, installation, and repair work costs a lot, and having the knowledge and tools of how to fix would help you to save a lot of money in the long run. Home Repair Tool Kit, Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit, Angle Measurement Tool, and similar tools are going to be your companions for most of the tasks. So, we hope getting these tools will help you to fix your home and save you money and find the answer for I don’t know what I want for Christmas.

Snow Blower

Snow Blower

Winter is here, and if you are from the northern parts of the United States, then you need to be ready to blow the snow. There is plenty of models, types, price range, and other categories to consider before buying a snowblower. Electric snow blowers are the most selling types and come with a lot of features. If you have an old outdated model which makes your already boring work more frustrating? Then click here to find the best and top-selling snow blowers on the market. A snow blower may be what you need for this Christmas to help you clear the snow from your home.

Also, check Boys and Unisex for more ideas.

Teenage Boys – What Do I want for Christmas?

DropMix Music Gaming System

Parents often like to buy gifts for their children on occasions, and one of the best gifts which are highly preferred by a huge crowd of people is the DropMix Music Gaming System. Apparently, they like to gift this amazing music gaming system to their children which includes about 60 DropMix Cards with the best music and favorite songs from the topmost artists. Not only for children but several people buy this game for their other beloved ones as well. The game may also require the DropMix app to proceed further. People are making their Christmas special for such a fantastic game make yours too. Getting a DropMix Music System is what you need for this Christmas.

Bean Bag Chair 

Bean Bags are loved they are one of the unique items in home furniture and most comfortable. People like to buy bean bags to play video games, watch movies, and other similar usages. Bean Bags are easy to use and move anywhere in the house provided sufficient space. They are one of the most bought items for Christmas and also most used as you would be present in the home most of the time.

Chill Sack Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair is our best pick for bean bags and is also top rated by plenty of users. Unlike ordinary bean bags, it comes with memory foam which means it will come to a regular shape if you are not using it. So, it can be used for more extended periods than regular bean bags without any discomfort. The cover for the bean bag is removable and washable, and it also comes is more than 15 different colors so you can select the most suitable one for your living room or bedroom. Getting a Chill Sack Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair may be the answer for what do I want for Christmas.

Gaming Console

Video games are very much liked or loved by children as well as adults as they not only divert their minds from regular tasks but also can enhance their logical thinking and ability. This Christmas, more and more people are buying the Gaming Consoles either Xbox or PlayStation. The markets are now flooded with the Gaming Consoles, and a huge crowd of people is showing their interest in buying consoles during this Christmas occasion. The latest Xbox One X is one of the highest performing gaming consoles ever released and had a processing speed of more than PS4 Pro. Getting a new gaming console may be the answer to what I want for this Christmas.


Who doesn’t like to get a new pair of shoes? One of the most desired fashionable items by teens is shoes. There are plenty of models, types, and designs one can choose from while buying a new pair of shoes. You can purchase fitness shoes for your gym or exercise, sneakers for casual wear, or winter shoes for cold climates. So the type of shoes you need vary for different usage, but you would always need a new kind of shoes what’s so ever. So find what type of shoes you may require for the next year and buy them for this Christmas as there would be plenty of discounts and offers. So if you need not only shoes but almost anything Christmas is the best time as offers are available on most of them.

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Scooter Hoverboard 

Hoverboards are one of the most trendings and brought items for Christmas 2015, but they are still as exciting as they were two years back. They are bought mainly for entertainment, and people used them and enjoyed them a lot. If you have missed the train, then you can purchase and enjoy with your family for this Christmas.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is the bestselling Hoverboard on many online stores and had improved features than previous models. It had a self-balancing feature so it would be much easier to play around, and comes with a 36v lithium-ion battery pack. The runtime is 60 minutes and can go for speeds up to 8 mph, and it had two types of modes to use. One is a training mode useful for beginners, and the other is a normal mode. The LED lights on the Hoverboard not only look stylish but also indicate battery power. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is certified with UL 2272 listing for safety which means it had the highest safety standards. So buying a Razor Hovertrax 2.0 may be the answer you are searching for the question of what I want for Christmas.

Fitness Equipment

If you are thinking about the upcoming Christmas, then what are you thinking to buy first? Everyone wants to have a fit body with a perfect physique so why don’t you start from here? Here comes the fantastic fitness equipment for you which are very usual but yes, capable of helping you build enhanced muscle mass. TreadmillsAb Roller, a pedal exercise of leading brands are available in the market which has the maximum fitness results. This fitness equipment has been designed with perfect material and available in various price ranges depending on equipment. Getting fir for this Christmas may be the answer to I don’t know what I want for Christmas.

Game of Thrones Board Game

Are you Games of Thrones Lover? Yes? Do you love to watch the show? If so, then you can get the Game of Thrones Board Game this Christmas. It is such a stunning and most enjoyable game package having all the required components to organize your army related tasks in the specialized containers of army storage within this game box itself. About 28 cards are containing some special characters with several other extraordinary features as well. You can also track your progress of the tasks on any one of these all seven personalized player boards which are specifically customized for every single house which will help you to defend the battles and other attacks. Enjoying your time with friends and family by playing Game of Thrones may be the answer to your question what do I want for Christmas.

ZILU Smart Power Portable Charger

Smartphone has now become an essential necessity for almost everyone whether it is about children or adults. Everyone needs a Smartphone having an internet connection to perform numerous of their essential and urgent tasks. Don’t you ever felt the need to charge your phone when you are outside your house? Have you ever felt that you are unable to charge it when you are somewhere outside your home? If you usually feel the same then this Christmas, you can buy the ZILU Smart Power Portable Charger. Numerous people prefer purchasing this portable charger to avoid the problems related to their cell phones during their travels. So get a portable charger for this Christmas and which may be the answer to what I want for Christmas.

The Beginning of Everything 

Do you love reading books or novels? Yes? If you are fond of reading different books, then you can now spice up your Christmas celebration by having “The Beginning of Everything” by Robyn Schneider. It is one of the best novels which is just loved by the teens to read in their free time. Robyn has explained the depth of stereotypes in this novel. It is a novel containing a heart-winning story that can make you realize the difficulty being faced while playing the part which people expect from you to play. Reading this book for this Christmas may find a much greater answer for your long-term questions and not just for the one What do I want for Christmas.

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Women – What Do I want for Christmas?

One thing common to most of the women is they like shopping, you may already be with quite a good list. So we like to suggest to you a few items based on the likes of women. We hope we add a few things to your list of purchases.


Are you the only one who takes care of all the household chores every day? Then you must have a stressful day now and then and body pains. If so you need to get a massage that helps you to relieve your stress or pain from the body. If you are having pain in some parts of the body, then get a massager suitable for the problem. There is plenty of type of massagers like a foot massager, neck massager, scalp massagers for stress, and a lot of other types. Or you can go to a nearby salon or spa and get a full body massage for this Christmas season. So what I want for Christmas could be a simple thing like a massager.

Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit Flex 2 is not just a fitness and activity tracker but it is also sleek and stylish for women. It comes with a removable tracker, which allows you to change it into a bangle, or pendant. It comes in four colors by Fitbit and a dozen other colors available through 3rd party sellers. There are plenty of designs for bracelets and necklaces which are sold by 3rd party sellers. The technical specs of the Flex 2 don’t get less; it had all day activity tracker, auto sleep tracking, notification alerts, and swim proof. It connects to your mobile through Bluetooth 4.0 and users can see all the data through an app on your smartphone. The battery also lasts for more than five days, Fitbit Flex 2 has all the requirements women need in a fitness tracker. So, Fitbit Flex 2 may be the answer to your question I don’t know what I want for Christmas.


Appliances are the best companions for the women in the kitchen, over the years they have saved a lot of time and energy by getting a task done with ease. And there are plenty of appliances a kitchen needs and newer versions and new products entering the market every day. So it may be time to upgrade or buy a new type of product suitable for your needs. There are different types of home appliances one may need, from simple ones like a blender, rice cookers, food processors, ovens, toasters, coffeemaker. Or large ones like a refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, air purifiers, or humidifier. There are a lot more to discuss, but you can find plenty of home appliances deals you need in here.


I would say Jewellery and women are synonyms, women love Jewellery a lot and it makes them more beautiful. This festive season you must get new jewelry and make the occasion more memorable with your family. Buying new jewelry may be the answer to what I want for this Christmas. You can different types of jewelry like Earrings, Necklace, Rings, Bracelets, Anklets, or a completely new jewelry set.

Yoga or Meditation

Yoga or Meditation is one of the best ways to relieve your stress and helps a lot to maintain your health. Yoga makes your body flexible, increases muscle strength, blood flow, decreases your back pain, and has a lot more other benefits. Just a few simple meditation procedures for 10 min a day would help you to concentrate more, increase your memory, and makes you stress-free.

All you have to do to master yoga to benefit you is just give your 100% to it by believing and following the process. You can start Yoga by either going to a nearby yoga center or following a course online. There are plenty of videos on YouTube and books on Amazon that can help you to start your Yoga learning.

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Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vacuum cleaners have been a part of plenty of houses since their start and are developing making them more useful. They will clean all of your homes without you even needing to touch a thing, you can just give time to start, and it will clean the house every day. Charging for the cleaner is also done automatically where it gets attached to a dock and recharges itself. They can clean any type of surface whether a carpet, hardwood, laminate, marble of any type. Vacuum Cleaners would directly remove a significant task forever which means you have more free time to work on other stuff. Click Here to find the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market.  A Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the answer to the question of what I want for Christmas.

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps have been quite a trend in western nations, and it is said to increase the positive energy in your house and help you in a lot of ways. It is said that they support improving your energy, sleep quality, and purifying the air. Even though they may be not as accurate or efficient, they had a unique look that you can’t find otherwise. People who had placed a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp in their houses had given testimonials to say it had benefited them in multiple ways. However, there is no harm in trying as it costs less than 30 dollars and if you had benefited from this that would be great. Getting the unexpected Himalayan Rock Salt lamp could be the answer to what I want for Christmas.

Indoor Smart Herb Garden

Do you love gardening but do not have enough space to grow plants? Then you should get this indoor smart garden kit. Click and Grow Indoor plants is one innovative idea, the herb garden kit is very portable, less maintenance, and can grow many types of plants in it. All you have to do is place the seeds or plant parts and fill the water reservoir, and it takes care of itself. The soil in it is called smart soil because it distributes the water, oxygen, nutrients for the plants equally. It can be placed at any location in the house, and it also looks unique and adds beauty to the room. So get a Smart Herb Garden which may be your answer to the question what do I want for Christmas.

Coffee Maker

Do you know? A coffee lover drinks almost 3.1 cups of coffee per day. If you are one of those people who drink coffee frequently, then it is time for you to buy a good coffee maker if you do not have one already. Having a coffee maker handy can save a lot of time and money and help you to reach your caffeine levels easily.

Cuisinart DCC-3200 is one of the bestselling coffee makers which comes with a 14 cup glass carafe. This model ensures your coffee is hot and tasty. Users can also program the coffee makers according to their usage. Other notable features are its BPA free, Auto-Off, and cleaning functions. There is nothing more than having a coffee in the morning and that too without the need to make the coffee by yourself. Cuisinart DCC-3200 is the perfect solution for coffee lovers who are searching for the answer to what do I want for Christmas.


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Teenage Girls – What Do I Want for Christmas?

Hair Curling Wand 

One thing which every teenage girl loves is Beauty; it may be hair, face, dress, or anything that makes them more beautiful. Hair Curling Wand is one product that makes their hair look unique among other girls. With a hair curling wand at your disposal, you can beautify your hair whenever you need it.

Remington Pro 1-1½” Curling Wand is one of the best-selling hair curling wands on the market and comes with quite useful features. It can heat up to 410°F in 30 seconds and comes with an auto shut-off feature. The digital controls on the wand at the fingers allow you to change the temperature or switch it off. With two years warranty, it can be used for many years without ever needing to go to a parlor. So getting a Remington Pro 1-1½” Curling Wand may be the answer to your question I don’t know what I want for Christmas.

Bowknot Cross Body Bag

Women love a lot of stuff, and shoulder bags are one of them, so here is a top-rated shoulder bag you need to take a look at. Bowknot Cross Body Bag is a leather bag that you can carry around with your cash and cards. This stylish-looking handbag comes in four colors black, blue, brown, and rice colors. It is a small and simple handbag, so it may not carry most of your items, but if you have very limited things, then this is suitable for you. Bowknot Cross Body Bag may be the answer to what do I want for Christmas.

Portable Photo Printer

Do you like to own a camera like an instant photo camera which your mother used to have? If so you have found the one HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer is an instant photo printing machine. It can be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth and prints the photo you need. It can print 2×3 inch photos and is very small in size and can easily carry around in a bag. Get an HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer for this Christmas and start printing the photos you like instantly and make this Christmas memorable.

Polaroid Wireless Selfie Stick

What good is ready for hours and looking gorgeous yet not taking a cool selfie? So a Polaroid Wireless Selfie Stick is what you need to take long shots of not just your face but as a whole. It is a wireless selfie stick that connects to your mobile using Bluetooth and can enlarge to 40 inches from a mere 8 inches’ size when closed. It supports almost all popular smartphones in the market and is easy to operate. So if you are looking for a cool gadget to buy this Christmas, then you should consider Polaroid Wireless Selfie Stick to buying.

Fitbit Flex 2

Are you a fitness freak or on a diet? If so you need to buy a fitness activity tracker to track your daily steps, distance, and calorie burning. Fitbit Flex 2 is designed mainly with a focus on females; it is very slim and sleek yet stylish. Users can select from four official colors and more than a dozen color bands sold by 3rd party sellers. The best feature of the device is it can also be used as a metal bracelet or pendant so you can wear it for occasions too. Coming to the specs it is waterproof, tracks your sleep, notification alerts, and the battery lasts for up to 5 days. Users can track all the data on the Fitbit app. Fitbit Flex 2 may be what you need for this Christmas to make your life healthy and fit.

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The Christmas season is the time when winter comes so having a jacket or coat is essential to go out to withstand the cold temperature. So, of all the shopping you do getting a new jacket is a necessary item for Christmas. There are plenty of models, designs, and material types available for you to select. So if you do not have winter wear to protect you from the cold, then you should be buying one. You can either buy from your local store or opt for online shopping sites. Click here to find our best pick of Jackets for this winter. Purchasing a Jacket or Coat may be the answer to your question what do I want for Christmas.

Follow Your Dreams Pendant Necklace

Teenage girls like jewelry a lot and especially the models which are very simple yet easily noticeable. Follow Your Dreams Pendant Necklace is one such sleek and attractive jewelry which may be suitable for you. It is made up of Sterling silver and is of high quality, and plenty of pendant designs are also available to choose from. Not only for personal buy but they can also be given as gifts to your friends and loving ones. Follow Your Dreams Pendant Necklace may be the answer to what do I want for Christmas.

Shower Speaker

People like to hear music a lot, and some like to take their music where ever possible and if you are one of those then you would like this shower speaker. VicTsing Shower Speaker is one of the most loved shower speakers and is very small in size. It can be connected to Bluetooth and listen to music where ever you need. It is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof which means is very durable and of high quality. The battery lasts for 6 hours, and users can also talk to the calls they receive. VicTsing Shower Speaker may be what you need to buy for this Christmas.

Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat is the most popular social media app among teenagers, and they like it most than any other. So Snapchat had released Snapchat Spectacles to record short videos and capture pictures. The spectacles can record short videos of 10, 20, and 30 seconds and can capture 100 photos with the click of a button in a single charge. It comes in a box which had inbuilt batteries to charge the spectacles, and it can charge up to four times. So you can capture plenty of videos and photos without the need to worry about the battery. So if you are a frequent user of Snapchat then Snapchat spectacles is a must buy for you and it may be the answer to your question what do I want for Christmas.

Makeup Organizer

Females have plenty of beauty, jewelry, and cosmetic products at their dressing table and most of the time they would be in a complete mess. It would be difficult for you to find stuff and may also lose them. If you have related to them, then you should get this makeup organizer. Ikee Design Acrylic Jewelry & Cosmetic Storage Display Boxes come in transparent color and have plenty of boxes and holders. It had removable drawers, black mesh to protect jewelry, and was very convenient to use. Ikee Design Acrylic Display Boxes may be what you need for this Christmas.

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