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NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet – Best Bullet Blender

Blender is one appliance which helped to save a lot of time. Blenders have changed the way we work in our kitchen. An all in one blender can be used as a chopper, grinder, mixer, mincer, and anything that you wish to whip. So today we will review two products in the same category, and they are NutriBullet and Magic Bullet. The name itself suggests that they are fast products that turn around your work in no time.

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NutriBullet BlenderNutriBullet Blender

The NutriBullet is the nutrition keeper for you, it helps you retain the nutrients in the food even when you use the product multiple times. Well, this is the claim that manufacturers do. Let us look at it in detail. For starters, this product is safe to be used in a dishwasher. The reason we started with this point is that cleaning the juicers and blenders is a pain for all. So, this is something which is a great positive and makes it the best NutriBullet model.

It comes with 600 watts which make it powerful to churn anything that comes its way. It has 3 cups as accessories and is 3.6 lbs in weight. It is 8 inches high from the ground making it handy as you would not have to bend a lot to use it. In all, it has a total of 12 pieces within the box packing. It is so far known as the best blender on the market. However, let us not jump to conclusions as everyone has their own views about different products. A detailed understanding of Magic Bullet Vs NutriBullet can make the decision better.

The NutriBullet is equipped with cups in the jars so that you can directly use them once you whip, chop, blend or juice anything. It is an easy way for people who are in a hurry but are health conscious and need to consume home food to stay fit. All these things are very handy for people living on their own and have less time to finish their daily chores. In fact, the cups are microwavable and dishwasher safe so that you can just blend, sip, and put it in the dishwasher or you can even take it out with you on the go with the spill proof lids and microwave it when needed.

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Magic Bullet BlenderMagic Bullet Blender

The Magic Bullet blender comes with a Magic Bullet juicer as well. As compared to the NutriBullet; the Magic Bullet has a total of 17 pieces of mixing, chopping, blending and much more. It has 2 blades just as the NutriBullet, and also it has 2 blades, 4 mugs, 2 sealed rings, 2 cups, 4 colored comfort lip rings and a few more accessories for you to use. The best part is that the cups are microwave safe. However, the bottom line is that the Magic Bullet is a better option by the discussions done so far in Magic Bullet Vs NutriBullet.

The Magic Bullet also comes with a recipe book that will help you to make new dishes and juices from it. This is the best way to give you the complete utility of the product. In fact, it is worth for money, and you get to eat healthy as well.

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What is Common in NutriBullet Versus Magic Bullet

By comparing the products with its similarities rules out many options of choosing a product. So, starting with the manufacturers; both are from the same manufacturer. The NutriBullet blender is a recent one whereas the Magic Bullet is an old version. A test was performed on both the products with similar ingredients such as nuts, frozen foods, vegetables and a few more. The NutriBullet was a clear winner as compared to the Magic Bullet as it had more power of 600 watts 250 watts in Magic Bullet blender.

It stands well by its name and is the best bullet blender, but if you are thinking of buying a product; you would wish to buy the latest one without any doubt. However, the price comes as a decision maker. You do not have to worry about the manufacturer as both are the same. But the functioning is the most important thing to look at.

The Difference Between Magic Bullet and NutriBullet

When you look at the nutrients in the foods you blend, the best Bullet blender is available right in front of you. As it takes lesser time to blend and powder ingredients, it retains the nutrition in the food and gives great value to it. The NutriBullet accessories are also the one USP making it a clear winner. But if the verdict is out then what is the difference between a Magic Bullet and NutriBullet.

NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet Best Bullet Blender

The main purpose of the product is to blend the ingredients. In case if you wish to blend hard ingredients such as ice, berries frozen, nuts, carrots then you surely need the heavy-duty blender which is by default the Nutri blender. However, if you wish to blend soft ingredients such as bananas avocado, mangoes, spinach, then the Magic Bullet is best for you as the price is half to that of NutriBullet Blender.

The next thing to consider is the price range. The price for NutriBullet is double than the Magic Bullet. So, it is now your decision as the spend should be considered. However, the good blender for green smoothies is the Magic Bullet blender. This is the Magic Bullet Vs NutriBullet comparison so far. It is also in the category for the best affordable blender.

Negatives of Magic Bullet Vs NutriBullet

Some negatives about both the products that will help you get to the decision. So, starting with the Magic Bullet; it is low in power and has a few accessories. It contains BPA which can be harmful to your body. Magic Bullet Blender is just 6.5 inches higher from the ground which will mean you need to bend a little to use it.

Looking at the NutriBullet while making the comparison Magic Bullet Vs NutriBullet, we do not see many negatives but let us find that in detail. The first negative is that it is expensive as compared to the Magic Bullet. The second one in line is the many accessories which are not used on a regular basis. In fact, for the record, most of these accessories are usually lying in the box itself. The ones that are common accessories are used daily. It is an expensive blender for juicing but good for tougher jobs. More the number of accessories will mean more cleaning and maintenance which is not the case with a Magic Bullet.

So, have you decided whether it is going to be the Magic Bullet or the NutriBullet? No? Still confused? Do not worry as we will go further deep to get you the best product for your daily use. Since you have already seen the Magic Bullet specs; you at least know if it will be useful to you or not. But by looking at the NutriBullet cups, you would be a little confused about your decision; isn’t bullet it!

The fight for the best budget blender will be a never-ending task, and you would still be stuck on the blender comparison. Keep on running the Magic Bullet Blender Vs the NutriBullet saga. This will not help you in any possible ways. Try and find a difference that will help you to decide well.

There are many kinds of products available apart from NutriBullet and Magic Bullet. You will need to understand the pros and cons of each product before you decide. However, the Magic Bullet Vs the NutriBullet is right in front of you. Moreover, it is from the same manufacturer, so the quality of the product is not compromised at all. You will also get many similar products with better specifications but will they be giving the same utility and the quality that the stated products do? Find that out to get to a decision.

For Parents

One aspect of choosing the product can be the right usage. So, if you are a single parent and are very cautious of your child’s health and the foods they eat; then you should go for the NutriBullet. It has all the fitments and accessories that you need to cater to your child’s needs. Making pulses and fruit juices in a blender is a task if the blender is not heavy duty blender.

The NutriBullet has all the potential to crush ice for health drinks, nuts for baby foods and other ingredients that make it healthier. With such power and persistence, it is the best product for your family and shall keep your work fast and smooth.

My Personal Recommendation: NutriBullet Or Magic Bullet

I would have my own recommendations, but that is again limited to the usage I do. However, it can be an icebreaker for you to decide. So, when we talk of the NutriBullet Vs Magic Bullet comparison, the first thing that comes to my mind when buying a product is the price. The price range for Magic Bullet Vs nutriBullet is completely huge. So, by the looks of the price, I would go for the Magic Bullet. In fact, the usage I regularly do will suffice with a Magic Bullet.

But when I look at the futuristic purpose; then my eyes turn out to the NutriBullet. It is new age, sleek, fast and has more power. The price is a concern but not for the longevity the product will give. In case if I need to crush harder ingredients then I should not regret my decision. Moreover, it is a recent product and is also BPA free. The many accessories lure me towards it, and this is also the one reason for a high price.

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You pay for what you get in return. This is one thing which should not be missed out when you decide a product to buy. Buying products for your kitchen are something that needs a clear mind as you will be using it for the many years to come. Even if you spend a little extra, you will get the value for it if invested in the right product. So, go and work around with the many suggestions by Magic Bullet Vs NutriBullet and advantages to deciding the best blender for your use. Do not forget to take into consideration the negatives of both the products. By now, you should know what to look for after a study of Magic Bullet Vs NutriBullet.

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