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Why Plastic Water Bottles Are Not Safe for Reuse

Plastic water bottles are something that you can find today, no matter where you are. From packaged water to energizer drinks, a lot of things are being distributed using plastic bottles. Of course, the use-and-throw culture had a huge impact on this for sure.

However, the problem is that people are not actually using and throwing plastic water bottles.

Instead, there’s an ongoing trend of the plastic bottles being re-used. If you check in your neighborhood, at least half of the households would be using plastic water bottles to store water in the refrigerator or for other uses. And, that’s something you should be worried about.

Plastic Water Bottles Are Not Safe for Reuse

In this article, we will be talking about why plastic water bottles are not safe for reuse. It means it’s high time for you to make a healthy deviation.

#1 They’re Not Made for Reuse

There is a reason why the label on most plastic water bottles say ‘use and recycle’. These bottles have been made using material that are not suitable for multiple uses. It means that the rate of decaying would be very high. Of course, plastic isn’t something that decays as you watch it. However, there will be changes at both the molecular and structural levels of the raw materials while you keep the bottle. The first rule of hygiene is that you should use things for the intended purposes. Using single-use plastic water bottles for re-filling is not one of them.

#2 They Contain PET

PET is one of the common components in plastic water bottles you would find out there. Manufactures have mentioned that almost all the products contain a recommended amount of polyethylene terephthalate. Just so you know, this is a basic chemical that is required for making the bottles. As far as single usage happens, it won’t be a problem. However, when used multiple times, PET would disintegrate into multiple toxins and in some cases, carcinogens. Ingestion of these toxins would cause a lot of issues, ranging from simple pains to long-term illnesses.

#3 They Can Cause Bacterial Damage

Suppose you got a good-quality plastic water bottle from the market. Even then, you’re not completely off the potential issues. Bacterial issues are quite common when it comes to plastic water bottles. These bottles can function as a not-so-bad container for bacteria and other dangerous beings. It basically means that the water you store in these bottles could be contaminated in no time. Considering that you would not want it to happen, that’s a great reason to stop re-using plastic water bottles. You are just helping yourself by going for an alternative.

#4 They Degrade Water Quality

Gradual decaying is something that is applicable to plastic water bottles as well. As you keep it for a longer period of time, at least some parts of the bottle would start disintegrating. And, the most interesting fact is that you can detect this from the taste of the water. It’s very likely that you are drinking bad-quality water just because you can’t choose a glass-based alternative over the easily-available plastic bottles. If you plan to use the water from plastic bottles for purposes like cooking, things can surely become worse. Just to keep you on the reminder, quality-rich water is something you should have regularly.

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Wrapping Up: Why Plastic Water Bottles Are Not Safe for Reuse

To wrap up, what we are saying is this: you should never, ever re-use plastic water bottles. Of course, we understand that you’re trying to save a few bucks or just going for an easy option. But, in fact, you are risking your own health and life. The last thing you want is getting a long-term disease just because you drank water out of a plastic water bottle, right?

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