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Pur Vs Brita Vs Zero Water Vs Mavea – Best Water Pitcher Filter 2017

Best Water Pitchers Comparision 2017 Pur Vs Brita Vs Zero Water Vs Mavea

Water is the essential element our body needs, and it is present in everything we consume. However, you should know that drinking just any water [we mean polluted water] can be actually harmful to health. Even the cleanest looking water may contain harmful pollutants. This is why it is extremely vital that you find a way to filter the water at home.

The best solution for you today will be investing in a good quality water filter pitcher. That way you can purify the water in a flash. After that, it’s bye bye effluents!

So let’s check out some of the best water pitcher filter in 2017.

Best Water Filter Pitchers - Comparison Table

Water Filter PitcherRatingCapacityFilter LifePrice
PUR 18 Cup Dispenser4.4/5 Stars18 Cup2 Months or 40 Gallonscheck-latest-price-button-2
Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher4.5/5 Stars10 Cup2 Months or 40 Gallonscheck-latest-price-button-2
Zero Water 23 Cup 3.9/5 Stars23 Cup4 Months or 200 Gallonscheck-latest-price-button-2
Mavea XL 9 Cup
4.2/5 Stars9 Cup2 Months or 40 GallonsDiscontinued

Pur vs Brita vs Zero Water vs Mavea

1. Pur 18 Cup DispenserPur 18 Cup Water Dispenser

If you do not want to spend a fortune on a water filter, then this one is perfect for you.  The Pur 18 cup dispenser can store up to 1 gallon or 18 cup water. The filter will last quite long, and the indicator located at the top will indicate when to change the filter.


Talking about the design, the design team of PUR has done an amazing work. This water dispenser is very slender. You can easily place in the kitchen, and it won’t take up a lot of space. It takes up even lesser space than two bottles of water.

This dispenser has a nozzle on the front, and it makes the water dispensing pretty much a child’s play. You do not need to lift the pitcher from the fridge top to pour water. It comes with easy to use handles, thus filling water is very easy.

It can hold up to 1.125 gallon- about 18 cups. Thus it’s very suitable for larger households Or any place for that matter, where filtered water not only used for drinking but also for cooking.


The way this water dispenser works is pretty much same as the others. However, the game-changing factor is the level of pollutant this fellow can deal with. The PUR 18 Cup dispenser has a two-stage filtration system and can remove up to 96% of the contaminants. This filtration capacity is way higher than its peers.

The carbon filter of this dispenser can filter up to 95% mercury, 96% of pharma traces and decrease chlorine content. The filter can remove up to 13 contaminants. However it still carefully preserves the health-friendly fluorides. Thus the water quality remains awesome.

It can also remove the chemicals that make the water coming out from the nozzle, taste, and smell foul. As a matter of fact, you can feel the difference as the water gets filtered in the tray. The result? Great tasting water and completely odorless.

The PUR vs Brita competition gets tougher here. The PUR folks claim that the PUR dispenser removes 21 contaminants while the Brita removes six contaminants. The filtration capacity apparently is double.

As per the PUR team, the filter is one of its kind which is proven to remove microbial cysts. These are dormant forms of pathogens like giardia and cryptosporidium.

The PUR folks claim that dispenser is made from an acrylic polymer and it is BPA free. The filters should soak for 15 minutes before you use them. The coconut-based activated carbon will absorb any contaminants. The filters also contain ion exchange granules.

Very easy to keep even in a small kitchen.
Recyclable filter and the dispenser.
Awesome filtration capacity and removes almost 96% contaminants.
Filters often stop working due to air bubbles. To remove them, turn them upside down and shake them. It’s done.

2. Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher Brita 10 Water Pitcher

Brita is a German brand that is famous for its water filtration machines. This water filter pitcher is no exception, and it is an ideal choice for family or office. It is very well designed for ease of handling and pouring. It is equally easy to refill and clean this pitcher.

This Brita water pitcher has 10 cups capacity. This is pretty huge and quickly provides a low-cost substitute for the purchase of bottled water. In fact, the Brita folks claim that a Brita water filter can replace 300 bottles of 16.9-ounce capacity. Thus it not only becomes economical but also eco-friendly- helps avoid plastic trash.


The Brita water pitcher is entirely free from BPA. It has a filter that can easily block the undesired smells and taste elements that spoil the taste of the water. Mostly this is due to the chlorine in the water.

The design team of Brita has done some good work. The shape and size of the pitcher do not only save space but is also good to look at. It has a removable lid, and it is very easy to use. Just open the lid, place it under water and fill it up.


The Brita filter is made of Ion-exchange resin and activated carbon. Thus it can block adverse chemicals like cadmium, mercury, zinc, copper, etc. and even unwanted flavors present in unpurified water. The activated carbon made from coconut shells can remove organic pollutants from water along the taste and odor of chlorine.

The ion-exchange resins have a large surface area and can remove metals and heavy metals present in drinking water samples. As per Brita professionals, the filter should be changed every two months or after 40 gallons usage. The Brita has 10 cup capacity- so it is better to change the filter after 64 cups. There is an electronic filter indicator that will indicate you when to change the filters.

The best part is that it takes just about 30 seconds for the water to soak through the filter and reach the bottom of the pitcher. A real make or break deal for you if you are an impatient soul.

Amazingly fast- takes 30 seconds roughly to soak and filter.
The filters and containers are BPA free.
Space saving design- 11 inches x 10.5 inches x 5.6 inches (h x lx w).
In spite of the filter improvements, the granules often leak in the water.
When the pitcher is over filled water may leak.
Does not have a filter change reminder system.

3. Zero Water 23 CupZero Water 23 Cup Dispenser

Are you looking for a cheap alternative to reverse osmosis solutions at home? Then the Zero Water 23 cup is the right choice for you. The five stage filtration system of this filtered water pitcher eliminates the dissolved solids. It also comes with a TDS meter.

This water filter pitcher can act both as a filter and dispenser. It has a push-type button so that you can pour water in the glass or anywhere using just one hand. The design team has done some good work- it has a slim design and can fit pretty much anywhere. You can easily keep in the fridge and on the kitchen counter.


Water from the public resources can be contaminated by harmful dissolved solids like lead, aluminum, zinc, and nitrate, etc. Water can be contaminated anywhere it flows through from the source to the drip opening. The Zero water uses five stages to filter the water. No matter what type of dissolved solid it had, the technology used here removes them without any difficulty.

The Zero water can hold up to 23 cups of water- that’s a significant capacity.  There is a Total Dissolved Solids meter attached to the purifier. The meter is supposed to read ‘000’ after the water has gone through the filtration process. If the meter reads ‘006’ it is time to replace the filter.

The meter will check if the water is our enough to the FDA standards. The Zero Water folks claim that this is the only meter that can meet the FDS norms of water purity.


There are deadly solids dissolved in our water, especially ordinary tap water copper, zinc, lead, chlorine, iron, chlorine, etc. The Zero Water filter pitcher has received NSF’s global certification for reduction and elimination of these harmful dissolved solids. This water filter pitcher is one of its kind, as it combines dual ion exchange technology as well as activated carbon. This practically eliminates all the dissolved solids and complies with the FDA standards for purified bottled water TDS.

First, its activated carbon and oxidization-reduction alloys will remove any traces of chlorine that found in tap water. Then the ion exchange stage eliminates almost all the dissolved solids present in the pipes and water transportation systems. The remaining stages remove any residual contaminations and give the water enough treatment time achieve that ‘000’ TDS reading.

23 cup capacity- Largest one of its kind.
Can be operated using one hand- just push the button to fill up.
Built in TDS holder- now can believe in your own eyes.
Slim design and can be placed anywhere, even in the fridge.
5 stage filtration system removes virtually every sort of impurities.
The filters need to be frequently replaced.
Water may leak sometimes.

4. Mavea XL 9 Cup Water Filtration Pitcher

Note: Mavea had discontinued from selling in North America.

Mavea 9 XL Water Pitcher

If you want a splash of color in your kitchen, then the Mavea XL is most suitable for you. It has a stylish design and perfectly suited for your kitchen counter. This top notch made in Germany water filter system is very easy to operate and makes getting clean drinking water very easy.


The Mavea packs some of the best materials and couples up with a pretty impressive design in this system. The first thing to notice about the Mavea water filter pitcher is its European looks. This compliments your urban kitchen and dining table perfectly. This one is not bulky and can fit snugly pretty much anywhere.

The Mavea XL pitcher can hold up to 9 glasses of water. The filters are specially designed, and they pack a consistent flow and have a larger life. The recycling program of filters also eases up the changing process and also contributes to a green planet. Mavea is the only company that presently offers a full-scale filter replacement system.

The Mavea pitcher comes with a smart meter that indicates when it is time for a filter replacement. It measures the hardness of water, the time span of filter use and volume of water as well.  Thus you will get to know when you should replace the filter.

Note: Mavea had discontinued from selling in North America.


One of the plus points about the Mavea filters is that you do not need to pre-soak them to activate. These filters are silver treated to stop the bacterial growth. The micro-screen on the filter minimizes the black water release inside the pitcher.

This Mavea pitcher has been certified by different standards to reduce the smell and chlorine. This also reduces the other pollutants to a great extent.

It is incredibly easy to fill up the pitcher due to the unique pour through lid. You just need to hold the pitcher under the water. The water flow opens the lid, and it shuts down as soon as the reservoir gets filled up.

The handle and feet made of rubber and attached to the system in an aesthetic way. You can hold it and operate it pretty quickly.

Compact design- Can easily fit in the fridge door.
BPA free.
Automatic pour-through lid- easy to fill up.
Smart Mavea Meter indicates when you should replace the filter.
State of the art rubberized feet helps avoid slippage and mishandling.
Water may sometimes leak from the handle.
The water filters have short life span and are expensive.

Note: Mavea had discontinued from selling in North America.

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Filtering capacity: Zero Water Pitcher-hands down. The 5 stage filtering system will eliminate almost every contaminant. Also, the TDS meter will let you verify the level of purification the machine has achieved.

Taste: This is really a personal preference. Also, you should remember the more filtered water- lesser is the taste. However, for the sake of comparing, the Brita and the PUR has close competition as far as taste is concerned. With extreme filtering like the Zero Water Pitcher, the taste becomes less pronounced.

Contaminants Removal: Pur water pitcher removes max number of pollutants, not just the no of particles but also in removing types of contaminants. Brita, Zerowater or Mavea remove most of the general contaminates like Metals, Chlorine, Dust but Pur can eliminate a vast variety of contaminants. Pur pitchers can remove chemicals, microbes, pathogens and 17 types of other contaminate in water.

Filter Replacement: Pur, Brita, and Mavea pitchers require to change the filters every 40 gallons or 2 months whichever is first. Since Zerowater pitcher is having a higher capacity per cycle users, need to change filters every 30 to 40 gallons. Before changing the filters, we request you to check the water quality using a TDS meter. If the PPM is under drinkable range, then you can skip the filter replacement for few more days.

Water quantity: As far as water quantity is concerned we have a clear winner in the Zero Water pitcher. It packs a capacity of 23 cups closely followed by the PUR 18 Cup. However, if you are a bloke staying alone, then perhaps even the Mavea XL 9 cup will suffice your consumption.

Style: If you are game for adding a splash of color in your kitchen then Mavea will be your automatic choice as it comes with a variety of colors. It also has a distinct European styling that complements the urban kitchen.

So here is our comparison of Best Water Filter Pitchers in 2017 between Pur VS Brita Vs Zero Water Vs Mavea. We suggest you decide the best suitable water filter pitcher.  Leave a comment below to clear more of your doubts or to suggest any suggestion. We will reply as soon as possible.

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