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Best Water Filter Pitcher 2020 – Reviews and Guide

Best Water Filter Pitcher Review and guide

Water filter pitchers are one of the easy to use, portable and also economical water filter systems. If your house doesn’t have any water filtration systems like whole house, reverse osmosis, or ion exchange systems then home water filter pitchers are suitable for water purification. While selecting a water filter pitcher there are many things need to be considered like capacity, size, maintenance, impurities it can remove and how quick does it filter. We have explicitly mentioned every critical point that you should think while choosing the best water filter pitcher for your home.

Best Water Filter Pitchers 2020 – Reviews

RankingName and BrandFilter LifeOur RatingsCheck Price
(High-Quality Filtration)
40 gallons4.7 View on Amazon
#2Brita Everyday Pitcher
(Best Seller)
40 gallons4.6 View on Amazon
#3PUR 11 Cup Pitcher40 gallons4.5 View on Amazon
#4Brita 10 Cup Stream Filter
(Quick Filtration)
40 gallons4.4 View on Amazon
#5DRAGONN Alkaline Water Pitcher40 gallons4.4 View on Amazon
#6Brita Pitcher
(Stainless Steel)
40 gallons4.3 View on Amazon
  • ZeroWater – High-Quality FiltrationZeroWater Water filter pitcher

Are you looking for a top quality water filter pitcher? Then ZeroWater 10 cup pitcher is the best suitable water filter pitcher you can find. It is BPA free water filter pitcher and is the only pitcher certified by NSF for removal of lead and Chromium from the water. It is also the only water filter pitcher that comes with five stage filter, unlike the standard 2 stage filters.

ZeroWater had a special patented ion exchange system which can reduce the PPM of the water to as low as 005 PPM or even less. To compare bottled water varies between 0 to 350 PPM depending on the area and the company. Other drinking water filters which can produce this low PPM are reverse osmosis systems which cost as high as 250 dollars.

ZeroWater also provides a free TDS meter along with the pitcher to check the PPM of the water you drink. This shows how confident about their best water filter pitcher. ZeroWater pitcher comes with a dispenser at the bottom along with the conventional pitcher model. Coming to the filters, you need to change it after every 40 gallons or 2 months. At less than 40 dollars ZeroWater is providing you with the best home water filter.

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  • Brita Everyday Pitcher – Best SellerBrita Everyday Water filter pitcher

Brita is one of the few companies that produce best water filter pitcher in the market, and Everyday water purifier pitcher is the best-selling model in all of the pitchers. The Pitcher is BPA free and can hold up to 10 cups of water which is good enough for a family at any given time. It can filter chlorine and odor which make the taste of water much better and removes other significant contaminants like mercury, zinc, cadmium from your tap water. The water produced by the filter can be used for any usage like coffee, cooking, infant formula, pets, etc.

A single Brita Everyday water filter pitcher can save you from the heck of buying almost 300 water bottles and instead get a filter. That itself makes you eco-friendlier as 300 more plastic bottles are not going to end up in the landfills. It also filters water 2 to 3 times faster than most other water filter pitchers in the market. If you are going to place the pitcher in a refrigerator, then check if the pitcher has enough space to fit comfortably. If not, you can try for a 5 or 6 cup portable water filter jugs. Brita Everyday pitcher filters need to be replaced after filtering every 40 gallons of water or after two months.

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  • PUR 11 Cup PitcherPUR 11 cup water filter pitcher

PUR 11 cup water filter pitcher is another simple to use best water filter pitcher from PUR. It is BPA free and comes with easy to pour handle grip. It removes 95% of the mercury and most of the industrial pollutants from the water. The taste of the water is also excellent and crisp, and it also doesn’t remove fluorides which are essential for the human body. PUR 11 cup body design is so good that it can comfortably fit in almost every refrigerator. To be sure you can also check the dimensions of the pitcher. You can use the filtered water for drinking, cooking, and pets without any problems. The filter in the PUR 11 cup pitcher needs to be changed after 40 gallons or 2 months, whichever comes first. At a price point between 25 to 30 dollars, PUR 11 cup is the best water filter pitcher you can get at a very low price point.

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  • Brita 10 Cup Stream Filter – Quick Filtration

Brita stream filter is an advanced model where the water gets filtered as you pour, this is the quickest water filter pitcher in the market. It removes chlorine and odor from water to provides you with great tasting and healthy drinking water. It comes in four different colors white, black, red and sky blue. Unlike other pitcher purifiers where what get filtered after you pour in Stream filter, they get purified while you are pouring the water for consumption. The design of the water filter pitcher is convenient for you to place it in your refrigerator easily. The pitcher is BPA free, comes with an electronic indicator and can store 10 cups of water. Coming to the filters they are recyclable and need to be replaced like any other filter after 40 gallons or two months of usage.

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  • DRAGONN Alkaline Water PitcherDRAGONN Alkaline water filter pitcher

DRAGONN Alkaline water filter pitcher reduces the acidity of the water you drink, which helps you in maintaining your health. Alkaline water had many advantages, they neutralize body PH levels, removes radicals that cause aging, and prevents diseases that are caused by acidic water. The Pitcher comes with 7 stage filtration process that removes plenty of impurities like chlorine, odor, zinc, lead, copper, and plenty of other contaminants. Filters in the water filter pitcher need to be changed every two months, and the design of the pitcher makes it so comfortable to use in a fridge.  If you are looking for a filter to make your water alkaline then this the best water filter pitcher for you.

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  • Brita Stainless Steel Pitcher

This is the best water filter pitcher you can get if you are looking for a metal outer body. Many people like to have metal body appliances and products in their kitchen, and if you are one of them, then this water filter purifier is for you. This model is similar to Brita everyday water filter pitcher except a few specs like the metal body and 8 cup water capacity. Other than that almost all of the features are same it is BPA free, removes chlorine, odor, copper, mercury and cadmium impurities. Filter need to get replaced for every 40 gallons of water purification or two months of usage. The price of the pitcher is also not so high as compared to the regular ones. If your kitchen has similar colors, then this fits perfectly.

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  • Brita Longlast FilterBrita longlast water pitcher filter

As the name suggests Brita had developed a new type of water filter that lasts 3 times longer than the standard filters. Each filter which costs slightly higher than regular Brita 3 filters set. Each Longlast filter can filter up to 120 gallons of water or up to 6 months’ life. Now with this filter instead of changing every two months, you can change the filter after every 6 months. It is suitable for every Brita pitcher except for Infinity and stream models.

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Guide for choosing Best Water Filter Pitcher:

  • What is a water filter pitcher?

Everyone knows what a Pitcher is; we use it to pour water into our glasses to drink. So what is a water filter pitcher? It is a Pitcher where a water filter is attached which filters your water and provides you with great tasting, crisp and healthy water for drinking and cooking. It is one of the easiest water to get your water filtered. There are two major parts in a water filter pitcher, first one is two reservoirs and the second one is a water filter attached in between them. When you pour tap water into the first reservoir, it flows through the water filter and gets collected into the second reservoir. Most water filter pitchers remove contaminants like chlorine, odor, mercury, cadmium, and others depending on the type of pitchers.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of water filter pitchers?

Most easy to use water filtration system.

Can be placed in the refrigerator for chilled water to drink.

No installation required.

Portable as it is small in size and requires no additional requirements.

Low-cost water filtration method.


The filtration level from the water filter pitchers is not comparable to other high-quality water filtration systems like Reverse Osmosis, whole house, water distiller filters.

Take an average time of 3 to 5 minutes to filter one litre of water.

Need to change filters every two months.


How much volume do you need?

Most people like to buy a 10 cup water filter pitcher, but there are other smaller models which filter 5, 6, and 8 cups of water. Smaller versions are suitable for one or two persons as the 10 cup pitcher can be heavier to use.

Filter period and cost?

An average filter lifetime is up to 40 gallons or two months for almost all the brands and costs an average of 15 dollars for a three pack filter set. There is a latest Brita filter called Brita Longlast filter which can be used for up to 120 gallons of water or 6-month period. It costs a little higher but can reduce the hassle of need to change filter frequently

What contaminants does it remove?

The contaminants removed by a water filter varies from one brand or model to the other. Brita regular Pitchers can remove chlorine, odor, mercury, and cadmium in general, but ZeroWater models can remove heavy metals like lead, and chromium. So you may need to test your water for contaminants present before buying a water filter. You can use a TDS meter to find the ppm of the water.

Is it BPA free?

All the best water filter pitchers we have included in the article are all BPA free.

Does it have filter life indicator?

Some models come with an inbuilt indicator which notifies you when to change your filter, whereas some pitcher comes with a sticker with months imprinted and it is up to you to check the last time you changed a filter.

What design would you like?

Design of the water filter pitcher is significant to notice before you get one. Most people would place the pitcher inside a refrigerator, so it is better to check the dimensions of the pitcher to make sure it fits inside perfectly. Pitchers also come in different colors, and Brita had a stainless built pitcher which can fit perfectly into your kitchen.

  • ZeroWater – High-Quality Filtration
  • Brita Everyday Pitcher – Best Seller
  • PUR 11 Cup Pitcher
  • Brita 10 Cup Stream Filter – Quick Filtration
  • DRAGONN Alkaline Water Pitcher
  • Brita Stainless Steel Pitcher
  • Brita Longlast Filter


Water filter pitchers are portable, easy to use and also economical water filter systems. If your house doesn’t have any water filtration systems then home water filter pitchers are best for water purification. While selecting a water filter pitcher there are many things need to be considered like size, maintenance, capacity, impurities it can remove and how quick does it filter.

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