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Best Water Distiller Reviews – Buying Guide 2021

Best Water Distiller Reviews & Buyer's Guide 2017

What makes the distillation process one of the best water purification technique is, it can remove 99.99% impurities from the water. A countertop water distiller is the best option for people who like to consume most purified water. Here are 10 best home water distiller reviews that work excellent and provide you with great tasting pure water to drink.

10 Best Water Distiller Reviews 2021

Water Distiller NameGallons Per DayTime to Produce 1 GallonOur RatingsCheck Price
Megahome Water Distiller (Plastic Model) (Top Seller)4 GPD6 hrs4.7 View on Amazon
Waterwise 8800 (Advanced)6 GPD4 hrs4.2 View on Amazon
CO-Z Water Distiller (Budget Option)6 GPD4 hrs4.1 View on Amazon
Waterwise 1600 (Ideal for Travelers)16 GPD1.5 hrs4.2 View on Amazon
Mini-Classic CT (Commercial Usage)5.4 GPD4.54.0 View on Amazon
Megahome Steel Distiller4 GPD64.6 View on Amazon
Olizee Water Distiller6 GPD44.0 View on Amazon
Waterwise 40006 GPD43.7 View on Amazon
Waterwise 9000 Distiller5 GPD5.54.1 View on Amazon
CNCShop Water Distiller6 GPD44.0 View on Amazon

1. Megahome Countertop Water Distiller – Top Seller

Megahome Water Distiller Stainless steel

Megahome countertop water distiller deserves to reviewed first. It is well-built and had all the features required for a home water distiller. It is the top selling water distiller in most of the e-commerce sites and best rating from the buyers. With all the precise specifications it comes with 30% lower price tag than most other brands distillers.

Megahome had only two types of distilled water makers and both of them are the best water distillers. The device is very compact and easy to use appliance. It removes 99% of the impurities from the water and provides you with great tasting water. The distilled water collected in a glass container from a metal tube.

Carbon filter present in the appliance removes VOC’s and gas contaminants in the final stage. Thus ensuring the most contaminate-free water for drinking. The filter should change once a month similar to any other water distiller.

The stainless steel distiller had UL certificate which means the appliance is safe to use for households. The automatic shut-off features stall the device once it gets overheated and also during surges. The device runs on 110v outlet and costs less than 35 cents per gallon distilled water.

Megahome water distillers can also be used for laboratory and office for ultra-pure water. The device comes with one-year limited manufacturer warranty.

It is one of the best water distillers for daily usage available in the market and also has the most reasonable price. This 11 pounds’ home water distiller had more than 90% positive rating from large e-commerce stores.

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2. Waterwise 8800 Review – Feature Rich

Waterwise 8800 Electric Water Distiller

Waterwise is one of the best company that produces home water distillers. 8800 model is an advanced model in the company’s water distillers. It is one water filter you should take a look at if you are willing to shell out good money.

Waterwise 8800 distiller had a display and four buttons to operate different functions of the distiller. It had a start/stop button, hour, minute and delay buttons to set a timer for the appliance. It also notifies when to change your filter, one less thing to worry. WaterWise 8800 can produces 1 gallon of water for every four hours, thus producing more water in less time.

Coming to the build of the 8800 distillers it is made of plastic on the outer and stainless steel for the distillation chamber. Distilled water collected in the end is made up of glass and collects from a metal tube condenser, which means water will never come in contact with the plastic. The noise originates from the appliance is tiny which is equal to the noise produced by a micro Owen or a refrigerator.

As any basic water distiller, it also comes with a carbon filter to remove VOC’s and gasses like chlorine from the water. The filter should change when the distiller notifies. Changing filter will help the filter to provide pure drinkable water.

It had 110v outlet and 800-watt wattage, for every gallon of distilled water it would cost you around 30 cents. If you distill around one gallon per day, your electricity bill will roughly increase about 10$. Considering a dollar for a gallon of distilled water in the market, it is a good investment.

If you like to have great tasting water with 99% purity and good looking feature rich distiller, then Waterwise 8800 is best for you.

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3. CO-Z Water Distiller Review – Budget Option

CO-Z 4l cheap water distiller

This small water distiller with a simple on and off switch is the best water distiller if you are on a tight budget. CO-Z water distiller is having one-third the price of a high-quality water distiller which is around 80$. However, you should not be doubtful about the quality as it gets work done.

The primary reasons why the appliance price is less than the competitors are its plastic collector and lack of collection chamber. As you can see in the picture, the collector is not attached to the distiller. Using a plastic collector is not recommended by most users as it may spoil the taste of water.

We recommend replacing plastic collector to glass collector to drink great tasting water.

These water distillers are also widely used in dental products, vaporizers, humidifiers, lead-acid batteries and much more. It also has an automatic shutoff feature for safety.CO-Z distiller can produce 6 gallons of water in 24 hours which is one gallon for every four hours. The distiller weighs about 10.4 pounds and is easy to place in your kitchen as it does not occupy much space.

Even though the appliance made of plastic on the outer, it still has a stainless steel distillation chamber. Except for the collector, the water will not come in contact with plastic materials.

To remove the contaminants that can become vapor on heating will be removed using a carbon filter. It also removes boiled water taste and provides you with fresh tasting water. The filter in the distiller should be changed every month.

Users will get good tasting water with 99% contaminates removed and easy to maintain appliance. This small low price water distiller is an excellent product and has 92% positive rating from major online sites.

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4. Waterwise 1600 Distiller Review – Non-Electric

Waterwise 1600 water distiller for travelers

Waterwise 1600 model had the worst reviews than any other water distiller. It is mainly because it is not meant for regular home distillers. 1600 model designed for travelers, camping, and occasional heavy usage.

Most of the negative reviews are for two primary reasons. One the build of the appliance is very fragile, and the other is for low energy efficiency. Since the device made for travel usage, the company made it with less thick stainless steel for smooth operation. Coming to efficiency, it is a stovetop water distiller as finding electricity is a very burdening task in remote or new places.

If you are thinking to buy this for your regular usage in your home, then we do not recommend you to buy this distiller.

However, it is an ideal choice for camping of yours getaway cabin or if you have frequent visitors. When you have a visitor, you will require more quantity of water, and this will reduce the problem. It will act as emergency water distiller when you have more visitors.

Waterwise 1600 can produce 16 gallons of water per day which is three times what you get from ordinary distillers. It produces fresh and great tasting water with 99% purity. The weight of the device is around 9 pounds which are less than regular electric water distillers. Making it easy to carry around without any struggle.

Waterwise 1600 can not only be used on a stovetop water distiller but also on an electric stove, hot plate and also wood or charcoal burning stove. All you will need is a good heating source for the water to evaporate.

The device also comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. If you are skeptical about the build of the appliance, then you should not worry as it covered.

In the video attached to the review, the couple uses sea water to distill for their drinking purpose. They show the water taken from the sea and heating the devices with an electric stove. They use the power from the solar panels fitted top of the RV.

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5. Mini Classic CT Distiller Review – Commercial Use.

Pure water mini classic ct stainless steel water distiller

Pure Water Mini Classic CT water distiller is mostly made of stainless steel and comes with a glass collector. It is easy to install and can start the distillation within minutes.

It can produce 1 gallon of distilled water for home use in less than 5 hours and 99% free of impurities. Distiller also removes VOC’s or other gas contaminants from the water using a carbon filter. The filter should be replaced every month to work properly.

This stainless steel water distiller also comes with an automatic timer which stops the device once a distillation cycle completed. One less thing to worry about your kitchen. It works on 110v electricity and uses 6amps connection. A safety shut-off feature will stop the device from overheating the appliance.

One drawback in the distiller is its weight; it weighs around 31 pounds which three times the typical distiller. It is because the device is entirely made up of steel. Which is why we recommend this as commercial water distiller.

The most important about the device is its 15 years’ warranty for the stainless steel parts. Two years limited warranty for the electronics and functioning.

Most of you may think this an expensive product, but for a solidly built appliance, it is a nominal price. The water distilled will be having great taste and fewer impurities than the bottled water you buy. If you are a heavy distilled water user, then the appliance will pay off itself within a year and a half.

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6. Megahome Water Distiller Review

mega home water distiller plastic

This is similar to the above Megahome Distiller on the top spot except the outer parts made of plastic. The water never touches plastic and completely safe and comes at a 20 dollars less than stainless steel model. It is for those who are looking to save more bucks or like to buy a plastic water distiller.

Similar to any water distiller, in one cycle Megahome water distiller purifies one gallon of water. It takes 5.5 hours to produce one gallon of distilled water which is good enough for a small family.

The carbon filter used to remove VOC’s and other contaminants that can evaporate. It also removes boiled water taste for more pleasant drinking water. The filter should change every one month. Megahome water distiller removes 99% of the contaminants and provides great tasting pure water to drink.

The thermostat inside makes sure the distiller does not get overheated and also prevents from power surges. The company delivers distiller that works with 120v, for a 220v distiller you need to contact company or seller directly.Even though the outer parts of the distiller made with plastic the water distilled does not come in contact with plastic. The Glass Collector collects the distilled water from the stainless steel interior using a metal condenser. So people who are skeptic about the plastic should not be worried. Glass collector can store one gallon of water and once the distillation is completed distiller turns off automatically.

One best thing about home water distillers is they pay off themselves in less than a year and a half. You will no longer need to go to the grocery store and buy a gallon for more than a dollar anymore.

Megahome countertop water distiller is one of the best water distillers you can find. It had 97% positive rating from the buyers on the leading e-commerce stores. Many of the users reported that they have been using it for more than three years.

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7. Olizee Water Distiller Review

olizee cheap water distiller

Olizee pure water distiller is another budget option to consider. It is most suitable for first-time users who like to try distilled water makers. Olizee distiller is better to try an 80$(approx.) distiller than to shell out 200 to 300 dollars to try for the first time.

It works exactly like any other costly home water distiller; the price difference is due to its plastic collector. We recommend you to replace plastic collector with a glass or steel collector. Plastic has higher chances to spoil the taste and add impurities to water.

Even though the outer parts made of plastic the distillation chamber and parts made of stainless steel. The distilled water will never come in contact with plastic except in the collector.

It weighs around 8 pounds and produces 6 gallons of water in 24 hours on par with top competitors. The appliance is also very compact and can easily fit in your kitchen. Distiller works on a 110 – 120v outlet and 750watts, electricity costs around 35cents per a gallon of distilled water. It is way less than the water we buy from stores.

If you are looking for a cheap water distiller that provides you with 99% pure water, then this is best water distiller to look. The device had almost 85% positive ratings from buyers around the online stores.

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8. Waterwise 4000 Distiller Review

Waterwise 4000 water distiller

Waterwise 4000 is the third model you are seeing in this best water distiller review. It had the most no of models than any other distilled water brands. 4000 model is the low-cost distilled water machine in Waterwise products as it is one of the earliest product.

The 4000 model can produce 1 gallon of drinking water in 4 hours, and you can easily make 6 gallons in a day. This 11.6 pounds’ water distiller fits perfectly in your kitchen and takes very less space.

Even though the outer parts made up of plastic, the inner distillation chambers entirely made up of stainless steel. The glass collector on the outside will collect the distilled water for home use from a metal tube. Thus it makes sure it never comes in contact with plastic.

The carbon filter which will be present in the distiller acts as a final filter and removes gas contaminants. The filter also removes boiled water taste from the water thus providing you fresh water. The filter in the appliance should change monthly for the proper working of the distiller.

Using the Waterwise 4000 is very simple, we need to fill the boiler and press the start button. Once the distillation completed, you can drink the water from the glass collector.

Waterwise 4000 is best to water distiller from the company and had been standing still for almost a decade. It costs less than 35 cents to produce a gallon of distilled water from waterwise 4000.

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9. Waterwise 9000 Countertop Distiller Review

Waterwise 9000 Portable water distiller

Waterwise 9000 is another expensive distiller which work like any other distiller. What makes it expensive is its portable and stylish design. The collector made up of high-quality plastic which is light in weight and does not spoil the water. The plastic collector is also more convenient to use and carry around.

If you are uneasy about using heavy objects like glass collectors the Waterwise 9000 is the best portable water distiller. It occupies very less space, and the plastic collector is easy to use and durable.

The distiller produces one gallon of distilled water for home use in less than 5 hours with 99% purity. The build of the distiller is high-quality and sturdiest. It can work efficiently for more than two years without any problem. Most of the buyer’s states that they have been using it for more than three years and still working as when they brought it.

The six-pack carbon filter inside the distiller can remove the last gas contaminants. Carbon filters also remove distilled water taste and provide you with awesome tasting water. Filters should be replaced every two months or after 60 to 80 gallons of distillation.

Waterwise 9000 works on the 110v electric outlet and to make it more efficient the fan in the appliance starts 20 minutes later. Automatic shut-off feature will stop the devices from heating once a cycle of distillation finished.

Waterwise 9000 is the best water distiller for portable and travel usage. The thermoplastic which is a food grade material will not spoil the water. You can enjoy great tasting fresh water every day in your home.

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10. CNCShop Water Distiller Review

CNCShop water Distiller

CNCShop water distiller is low priced distiller which can distill 4 liters of water in one cycle which is 4 hours. It is compact and easy to carry around which perfectly fits in your kitchen.

The working for the distiller is similar to any other high-quality distiller you see in the market. CNCShop water distiller gets its work done and does it well. It produces fresh and 99% purity in water which is a lot healthy for humans.

Distiller works on 110v electricity and 750wattage, and it uses around 35 cents worth of power per gallon of distilled water. It is less than what we pay at the grocery store for a gallon of distilled water. The automatic shut off feature turns off the distillation once it completes a cycle.

The collector of the distiller made of plastic which we recommend you replace with a glass container. The plastic material had higher chances to spoil the distilled water.

To remove the gaseous contaminates the filter comes with a carbon filter like any other home water distiller. It removes all the VOC’s and bad taste from the water to provide you with good tasting water.

If you are looking for a low-cost water distiller this one option you can consider buying. The distiller also comes with two years limited warranty from the manufacturer.

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Water Distiller – Buyers Guide 2017

When buying any new product most of the people will not acknowledge many essential features. Most people will not realize until they start using the product. By the time we know, it will already be late.

So we have listed out some of the important buying features and tips along with this water distiller reviews article.

What are Water Distillers and How do They Work?

Water Distillation Process

To know what is a countertop distiller you should first know about distillation. Distillation is a natural process where the sun heats the water, and the clouds make it rain when condensed. More or less in simple terms. The same process applied in countertop water distillers where the water in the boiling chamber boils and becomes vapor. Since the most contaminants in the water have higher boiling points, they will be left behind. Once the vapor reaches the top where it is condensed naturally or by a fan, it will convert to the liquid state. When the vapor becomes liquid, it will collect in the glass or plastic collectors.

In plain words, the contaminated water is boiled in boiling chamber and collected in pure form in a container. Distilled water considered as the most efficient way to remove 99.99% of the impurities. All you get in the end is pure water with an excellent taste from the distiller.

Gallons Produced Per Day

One of the major aspects to consider while buying a distilled water maker unit is, how many gallons it can produce per day. An average water distilled water machine produces 4 to 6 gallons in a day which is 1 gallon for 6 to 4 hours.

Physicians recommend drinking at least one gallon per day. According to stats average US household contains people. So a distiller that produces minimum 4 gallons would be good to have.

If you are a looking for a commercial space like office or reception you need to analyze it for yourself according to staff or visits.

Holding Capacity for a Distilled Watermaker Filter

Every water distiller in the above reviews will come with a one-gallon capacity container. It is standard on all the distilled water filters. If you are looking for a higher holding capacity, then you will require investing more. A higher holding capacity electric water distiller will cost from 600$ to 1500$. If you are willing to purchase water distillers in the above reviews, then you will be required to get another collector if you need more gallons to store.

Which Container to Use?

Five of the above water distiller reviews comes with glass collectors, and it is the most preferred. Nevertheless, in the remaining five, three have low-grade plastic priced below 100$. CO-Z, Olizee, and CNCShop distilled watermakers use plastic collector. So, we recommended you to replace it with a glass container.

Waterwise 9000 Distiller comes with a food-grade plastic container which means it is good to use. Using this container will make you no harm or spoil the water.

Finally, Waterwise 8800 stove top water distiller comes with no container, and you can choose your container. We recommend you to use a glass container to collect the pure distilled water.

Why do we not recommend to use a plastic container? It is because when hot water comes in contact with plastic, there are higher chances for little plastic to dissolve. This will spoil the water by adding contaminants and also adding plastic taste.

Electricity Consumption of Distilled Water Machines

9 of the 10 water distiller reviews in the article work on electricity. While all of the distillers use a 110v outlet, the wattage varies from 550 to 750 watts. So when a gallon of water made in about 4 to 5 hours, it would cost you between 25 cents to 40 cents.

If you distill one gallon per day, your power charges will raise between 8$ to 13$ per month. Which less than 5 percent increase in your electricity bill. The increase calculated considering the average household bill in the US as 200$. The rise in your electricity bill is actually decreasing your monthly spending as you will no longer buy water from stores. You will be saving almost 20 dollars a month as a gallon of water costs more than a dollar.

Do You Need Carbon Filter?

Even though all our water distiller reviews contain carbon filter, there are chances you may find some without filters. A carbon filter required for a steam distiller since there will be gaseous contaminants. Carbon filters will take care of these VOC’s, and other contaminants. They also remove the bad taste and boiled water taste and provide you with great tasting pure water. So, when you are buying a water distiller make sure it comes with a carbon filter.

These are some of the major features buyers need to look before the purchase of a portable water distiller for your home. Hope this buyer’s guide for water distiller reviews will help you to choose the right product.

Other Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s)

Maintenance of water distillation systems?

Water distillers are easy to maintain. There are two things to take care of the distillers regularly.

First one is to clean the distillation chamber at least once in a week. As the water gets evaporated from the distillation chamber, the pollutants will be left behind. These pollutants will pile up over time and decrease the efficiency of the system. So cleaning the chamber will increase the effectiveness of the distillation.

Carbon filters in the distillers should replace every month, or you can also activate it by boiling in hot water. Carbon filters are essential to remove VOC’s, taste, and odor from the water. If the carbon is not activated, they are not useful to remove pollutants.

So these are the major maintenance to take care of a water distiller system to work properly in the long run.

Is it okay to drink distilled water?

One major debate is going on for many years around not only distilled water but also by RO and filtration water. It is when the water distilled along with the contaminates other useful minerals are also left behind.

Calcium and magnesium are the major minerals left which are utilized by the human body. However, the removal of contaminants is more important than the minerals. As minerals required for the body are also provided by the food we eat. The pesticides, fertilizers, chemicals, lead, arsenic, nitrates and 1000+ other contaminants are far more dangerous. Water distillers remove all these impurities by up to 99.99%. Adding the minerals to our water is far easier than removing them from the water. Using products like Trace Minerals Drops we can replenish the lost minerals. It cost around twenty dollars and adds minerals required for your body.

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What are the benefits of distilled water?

  • Distilled water had numerous benefits not only for the internal body but also for the outer skin. Most people use water distillers to drink pure water for their healthy living. As portable water distillers provide 99% clean water. Distilled water can use for cleaning hair. General water contains minerals like calcium, magnesium which may harm your hair. So, using distilled water will help you to avoid future problems. Using distilled water will remove more pollutants from our body.
  • Distilled water also used in automobiles as the general tap water contains more minerals. Minerals will increase corrosion of parts faster thereby reducing the lifespan of parts.
  • Other uses where distilled water can be more useful is cooking, watering plants, cleaning, canning food and much more. Distilled water also used in laboratories and hospitals for pure water to use appliances and equipment.

Can babies drink distilled water?

According to canigivemybady.com website, babies should not take direct water until they reach six months old. Most of the water required is feed through milk and formula. Even after six months’ babies can drink distilled water but only the water that specially made for babies. Distilled water for babies generally sold in pharmacies.

So we do not recommend you to feed your child with the water purified from these distillers. At least, not until a certified physician says so. We would advise you to consult a doctor before feeding these water. As babies are sensitive to most of the things, you need to give special care to them.

Do the distillers remove VOC’s?

Volatile organic compounds for short “VOC’s” these are mostly chemical like pesticides and fertilizers. VOC’s are common to find in tap water. When distillation of water starts VOC’s are the first substances to evaporate. So they get mixed along with the water vapor. To remove these VOC’s all the above water distillers in the reviews comes with a carbon filter. Carbon filter which had activated carbon removes all these VOC’s from the water. They also help to remove bad taste and odor from the distilled water. Buyers need to replace the carbon filter according to the product which is once in a month. So the water distillers can provide you with pure water.

Best Distilled Water Machine Brands?

Home water distillation machines are manufactured by a good no of brands, best of them are MegaHome at the top and then WaterWise, and Mini Classic.

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Coming to an end all I can suggest you is to choose the best water distiller from the above reviews. A good portable water distiller provides you with great tasting pure drinking water. Learn more about the distillers from the buying guides and tips. Drinking water from a water distiller will help your health and makes you fit. It will make your family healthy and happy.

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