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9 Best Faucet Water Filters Review

Best Faucet Water Filters

Faucet water filters are an amazing choice if you do not have enough space to accommodate a fully-fledged water filtration system. The best part? These filters get the job done while becoming an accessory to a faucet in the kitchen or elsewhere. You also don’t have to worry about big storage tanks, plumbing reconstruction, or expensive price tags. More importantly, if you are living single or have a smaller family, faucet water filters are a great option there too. But, how do you find the best faucet water filter for your needs?

Just like every other type of water filtration system, you can find a variety of faucet water filters in the home appliance market. While some of them are made to filter a huge amount of water every month, others come with convenient designs and features. To make things even tougher, there are multiple choices in all of these categories.

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Faucet Water Filters Comparison Table

Sr. No.ProductCapacityFlow RateFilter TypePrice
1.PUR FM2500V Classic Faucet Mount Filter100 GallonsNot SpecifiedActivated Carbon and Ion Exchange View on Amazon
2.PUR PFM800HX Horizontal Faucet Water Filter100 GallonsNot SpecifiedActivated Carbon and Ion Exchange View on Amazon
3.Culligan FM-15A Faucet-Mount Water Filter200 Gallons0.5 GPMMulti-stage View on Amazon
4.Waterdrop WD-FC-02 Water Faucet Filter320 Gallons0.5 GPMUF Membrane View on Amazon
5.iSpring DF2-CHR Faucet Water Filter500 Gallons1.5 GPMMulti-stage View on Amazon
6.HOMY SUS304 Faucet Water Filter320 Gallons0.5 GPMMulti-stage View on Amazon
7.Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Water Filter Faucet320 Gallons0.5 GPMNIL View on Amazon
8.Instapure F2 ESSENTIALS Tap Water Filter200 GallonsNot SpecifiedNot Specified View on Amazon
9.Engdenton Faucet Water Filter320 Gallons0.5 GPMActivated Carbon Fiber (ACF) View on Amazon

Finding the Best Faucet Water Filters

As we said earlier, we have tried to make this list as diverse as possible, including products from a variety of categories. So, you will be able to find a faucet water filter for families, individual use or even the ones you’d use in an office. We have also taken the budget factor into account, meaning that you can find products that fit a broad budget range.

#1 PUR FM2500V Classic Faucet Mount Filter

PUR FM2500V Classic Faucet Mount Filter

Coming from one of the most popular manufacturers, PUR FM2500V Classic Faucet Mount Filter is a superb choice for small families and individuals. The company has included a modern design, convenient features and top-of-the-class filtration tech in the package. First things first, you can install this faucet water filter in just a few seconds. You will have to connect the device to the faucet and then insert the filter. Of course, it also means an easy clean-up process in the long run.

One of the great things about the PUR FM2500V Classic Faucet Mount Filter is that it manages to provide tasty water while providing a considerable number of contaminants. Included in its super-powers is the ability to remove up to 99% of lead from the source water. On the other side, PUR says the filter can remove up to 70 different types of contaminants from your tap water.

In terms of capacity, we can expect normal things with this pick. The filter included in the PUR FM2500V Classic Faucet Mount Filter claims to filter up to 100 gallons of water. The activated carbon and ion exchange filter would last for around three months — which seems fair enough. The filter also includes a MineralCap layer, which is responsible for the crispy taste of the water. The device has an indicator that tells you when it’s the time to replace the filter as well.

Coming to features, you can find a switch to turn on and turn off the filter. If you turn off, you can get water through the normal outlet. PUR has also included a two-year warranty with the product, making it a reliable water filter faucet for most people. Also, did we say it’s quite inexpensive?

  • Elegant design
  • Convenient controls
  • Easy installation
  • Plastic Build

Editor’s Notes: The PUR FM2500V Classic Faucet Mount Filter is an amazing choice if you need a convenient yet affordable faucet water filter with a decent filtration capacity. This is a decent offer for anyone who has been worried about city water and relying on packaged water bottles among other choices.

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#2 PUR PFM800HX Horizontal Faucet Water Filter

PUR PFM800HX Horizontal Water Filter Faucet

Although it comes from the same manufacturer, PUR PFM800HX Horizontal Faucet Water Filter is more of a premium option you can find in the market. We are talking about the version that has Bluetooth connectivity — which means a number of features for convenience. This faucet water filter comes with a horizontal design as opposed to the vertical design we saw in the first pick. Just like the top pick, however, you can install the device by simply attaching it to the faucet.

The PUR PFM800HX Horizontal Faucet Water Filter keeps the standard when it comes to removing a variety of contaminants from feed water. The PUR water filter helps you remove up to 70 types of contaminants as well as 99% of lead. In case you didn’t guess, you can track water usage, filter status and some other things using the official app from PUR.

 The filter is similar to the previous one in terms of capacity. You get a maximum capacity of 100 gallons — which can last anywhere between one month and three months. If you live alone and use the faucet to get drinking water only, the activated carbon and ion exchange filter would be enough for three months. As we said, the PUR app lets you know when it’s the time to change the filter. The app even gives you an estimate on how much money you have saved.

You would also find the option to turn off the filter, if you want to get unfiltered water. In fact, you can make the filter last longer by choosing when to get filtered water. In addition to the notifications on the app, the faucet water itself has a filter status indicator.

  • Classy design
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Tool-free installation
  • Can be expensive

Editor’s Notes: The PUR PFM800HX Horizontal Faucet Water Filter is an excellent water faucet filter if you like the added convenience of Bluetooth connectivity. The device does not pack any additional filtration capacity and the extra money you pay is for the classy design and convenience.

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#3 Culligan FM-15A Faucet-Mount Water Filter

Culligan FM-15A Faucet Mount Water Filter

You may want to consider Culligan FM-15A Faucet-Mount Water Filter if you are looking for a higher filtering capacity among other features. It also happens to be one of the budget-friendly water filter faucets that you can buy today. The faucet filter is also noted for the impressive flaw rate and water pressure it manages to offer in comparison to competitors. As usual, we start with an ultra-simple installation process. The package itself comes with all the accessories and tools.

As we move inside, we can see an advanced filtration system that claims to remove a bunch of contaminants in general. You can get rid of chlorine, lindane and lead among other contaminants. The filter can take care of bad taste and odor as well, making it a suitable choice if you live in a place with bad municipality water. It manages to offer a top flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute even with this filtration.

The Culligan FM-15A Faucet-Mount Water Filter comes with a maximum capacity of 200 gallons, which is of course better than our first pick. However, the company estimates a filter life of only two months, probably because of the advanced filtration process. It should be noted that the faucet offers the 0.5 flow rate at up to 60psi, which is great for any family. Last but not least, the filter can survive a variety of temperature and pressure levels as well.

Coming to the design, the faucet looks pretty cool, thanks to the Chrome finish. Just like the other products, it comes with a dedicated switch for turning off the filter. However, we wished to see if the device had a water filter status indicator as well.

  • Higher filtration capacity
  • Advanced filtration
  • Good flow rate
  • No indicator
  • The design could be better

Editor’s Notes: The Culligan FM-15A Faucet-Mount Water Filter is a sure-shot option if you need an advanced filtration system and extra capacity. Although it packs fewer features in the package, you are paying way less for the faucet filter.

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#4 Waterdrop WD-FC-02 Water Faucet Filter

Waterdrop WD-FC-02 Water Faucet Filter

If you are looking for something that can be a potential replacement for a fully-fledged water filter system, you should consider Waterdrop WD-FC-02 Water Faucet Filter. The package aims to provide a more holistic filtration system — thanks to Ultrafiltration membrane and activated carbon fiber. First things first, because of the extra functions, you may need some extra time to install this faucet filter. You should also keep track of compatibility before making the choice.

As said earlier, the device packs a comprehensive filtration system that can remove most contaminants that are found in city water. Most importantly, it can remove up to 99% chlorine, which is just a blessing for lots of people living in US cities. The UF membrane used in the filter has a pore size of just 0.01 micron, meaning that not many kind of contaminants can miss the filter.

It also manages to ensure a water flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute, which is a big thing. Coming to actual capacity, the Waterdrop WD-FC-02 Water Faucet Filter is a superstar. A single filter in the system would be able to filter up to 320 gallons of water. The company says that you will have to replace the filter only twice a year. Even in the worst-case scenario, a single filter would last for no less than four months. It means you are saving a lot of money every year.

There is a push-button mechanism that lets you control the Waterdrop WD-FC-02 Water Faucet Filter in an effective manner. You can push the button to toggle between filtered and normal water supply. We should also note that the design adds charm to your faucet.

  • Higher capacity
  • Good flow rate
  • Elegant design
  • Limited compatibility

Editor’s Notes: The Waterdrop WD-FC-02 Water Faucet Filter is a great choice if you are looking for extended capacity, advanced filtration, and elegant design. At the end of the day, you have a faucet filter that gets the job done every single time.

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#5 iSpring DF2-CHR Faucet Water Filter

iSpring DF2-CHR

Next in the list is a faucet water filter that you can consider as a long-lasting choice. When compared to the products we have listed above, iSpring DF2-CHR Faucet Water Filter comes with a classier design and ability to filter more water. One of the best-suited water filters for bigger families out there, installation procedure of this product is perfectly okay. The system also manages to provide a more stable filtration process, which matters a lot.

Coming from iSpring, this product is equipped with an effective filtration system. It removes a broad set of contaminants such as chlorine, chloramine, germs, cysts, lead, mercury, lindane, atrazine and VOCs from the feed water, giving you peace of mind. The fact that the filter can get rid of E.coli bacteria from your source water is just amazing.

The long-lasting filter is probably the best thing about the iSpring DF2-CHR Faucet Water Filter. The filter is capable of dealing with up to 500 gallons of water. For most households, this translates to around six to eight months of time. However, if you find the filter is running out faster, you can always replace it. The system is also able to assure an amazing flow rate of 1.5gpm, which is enough for filling 10 bottles per minute. When you are using this filter, speed won’t be a concern.

Coming to the other good things in the package, you get the wonderful customer service from iSpring. This means you have an easy way-out if you encounter problems with installation or in the later stages. It should also be noted that the faucet is well designed.

  • Higher filtration capacity
  • High flow rate
  • Excellent customer service
  • Not the best taste

Editor’s Notes: The iSpring DF2-CHR Faucet Water Filter is a sure-shot option if you are concerned about the water filtration capacity and advanced filtering processes. The system also provides one of the impressive flow rates you can expect from a water faucet filter.

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#6 HOMY SUS304 Faucet Water Filter


This is definitely one of the most beautiful faucet water filters you can find in the market. Crafted with steel, the design is so impressive and fits almost every kitchen out there. Provided that you have one compatible standard faucet with you, installing this filter would be a piece of cake. Just so you know, HOMY SUS304 Faucet Water Filter does not work with automatic or fancy faucets. You may also have to unscrew the aerator if there is one on the faucet.

The system comes with a 5-layer filtration technology and you won’t be let down when it comes to removing potential contaminants from water. Including the removal of 99% of lead, around 70 types of contaminants can be removed by the filter, which is great for most households. On top of that, you can get rid of bacteria from the source water while improving the overall taste by a noticeable degree as well.

Coming to the capacity, the HOMY SUS304 Faucet Water Filter brings the best of both worlds. A single filter in the package would last for two to three months, thanks to the capacity of 320 gallons. So, apart from the looks, the faucet filter can save you a lot of money you’d otherwise spend on water bottles. As expected, it has a lower flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute. Even with this, however, you can fill up around 10 cups in just a minute.

As we mentioned earlier, the HOMY SUS304 Faucet Water Filter packs one of the coolest designs we’ve seen in faucet water filters. There is a knob that you can use for toggling filtration, and you can rotate the same to control the overall water-flow as well.

  • Excellent design
  • Superb capacity
  • Extensive filtration
  • No indicator

Editor’s Notes: If you are looking for a well-designed water filter faucet with some cool options, the HOMY SUS304 Faucet Water Filter is the best choice. As it happens, you can have extra-pure water without having to spend much as well.

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#7 Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Water Filter Faucet

Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Water Filter Faucet

Another product from Waterdrop, Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Water Filter Faucet is a variant of the water filter we had mentioned earlier. However, this one trades a few features for saving you some money in the long run. Rest assured, though, installing this water filter faucet will be an easy task, given that you have a mount that is compatible. There are also dedicated buttons that help you get the idea of how to use the filter with the lower hassle.

The multi-stage filtration system in the Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Water Filter Faucet claims to remove up to 93% of chlorine from source water feed. In addition, you can also get rid of fluoride particles, lead and some other dust contaminants. The system, however, does not do much to the taste of the water. So, if you are getting really non-tasty water from the feed, you need something more powerful.

Filtration capacity in the Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Water Filter Faucet is impressive enough. You are looking at 320 gallons per filter, which means you have to replace it once in three months or so. However, it depends on how often you use the filter. Now, keeping things up to the standard, the filter offers a standard flow rate of just 0.5 gallons per minute. It means, given the best environment and water pressure, it can dispense up to 70 ounces of water in a minute.

Just like we mentioned, the system has traded some convenience. For instance, instead of the convenient push-button toggle, you have a knob. On the bright side, you can control how much water you want to filter by controlling the knob.

  • High capacity filtration
  • Removes fluoride
  • Steady flow rate
  • No taste-improvement

Editor’s Notes: Definitely an affordable choice, you should check out the Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Water Filter Faucet if you are looking for a high-capacity filter and good flow rate. Meanwhile, you get a convenient and well-designed faucet mount for the kitchen.

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#8 Instapure F2 ESSENTIALS Tap Water Filter

Instapure F2 ESSENTIALS Tap Water Filter

This could be one of the most affordable water filter faucets that don’t compromise quality. A lot of people prefer Instapure F2 ESSENTIALS Tap Water Filter over others in the list for the attractive combination it can provide. Just like most of the products, installing this faucet filter is easy. Of course, you don’t need any extra tools for installation. It does so even while providing you the right amount of features for convenient usage experience in the long run.

There isn’t anything special about the filtration system used in the Instapure F2 ESSENTIALS Tap Water Filter. However, it manages to remove most of the important contaminants from feed water, including but not just limited to lead and chlorine. Once again, you cannot expect this device to transform the taste of the water. That said, minor adjustments are noticed.

Instapure says that the Instapure F2 ESSENTIALS Tap Water Filter comes with a filter that can last for up to three months in total. It has a capacity of 200 gallons, which is okay for small families and individuals who are living alone. One thing we should warn about is the durability of the main body. As you know, we have a plastic-made body, which doesn’t do much good. However, if you are careful enough, this would last for a few years.

When you are paying less than $20, you cannot expect that many features in the package. However, you will love the dedicated toggle button in the Instapure F2 ESSENTIALS Tap Water Filter among many other things. We still wish if the body was a bit more sturdy.

  • Good filtration capacity
  • Standard filtration
  • Low-priced
  • Plastic adaptor

Editor’s Notes: If you cannot spend that much on a water filter faucet, the Instapure F2 ESSENTIALS Tap Water Filter is one of the best choices in the market. It creates a wonderful combination of standard filter capacity, contamination removal and affordable pricing.

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#9 Engdenton Faucet Water Filter

Engdenton Water Filter Faucet

Despite being the last in the list, Engdenton Faucet Water Filter is one of the best water faucet filters you’d find in the market. Of course, you should be ready to pay something more than what the typical faucet filter would cost. One thing that you notice even before the installation is the design. Despite having a complex design, you can install the faucet filter without any additional tools. Once done, the system becomes a good-looking addition to your sink.

Activated Carbon Fiber is powering the Engdenton Faucet Water Filter at its core. This multi-level system is claiming to not just remove contaminants like dirt and bacterial growth but also improve the taste. The latter becomes a handy feature when you are getting chlorinated water from the municipality. Some customers also praise the package for providing a better-tasting source of water.

The maximum capacity of a single filter is 320 gallons. This is more than sufficient for individuals and about the right size for small families. Once again, we are looking at a steady flow rate of 0.5 GPM. Although not as high as some of the other products we have listed, the system would help you get a good amount of water in a minute. The stainless steel housing that the product comes with actually improves the flow rate as well. However, you should be conscious about the compatibility of the spouts before buying this.

The design of the Engdenton Faucet Water Filter allows you to swivel anywhere between 360 degrees. This adds to the convenience. As we mentioned earlier, the design is unparalleled and adds some charm to your kitchen overall.

  • High flow rate
  • Extensive filtration
  • Stainless steel design
  • A little expensive

Editor’s Notes: The Engdenton Faucet Water Filter is a suitable choice for both individuals and families if you are looking for extended filtration tech and classy design. Although it skips features like the indicator for a filter change, you are getting a wholesome package in the end.

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Now that you have seen the best faucet water filters out there, shall we talk about picking the right one?

Faucet Water Filter Buying Guide

Let’s talk about some important aspects of a faucet water filter.

Factors to Consider

You should pay attention to the following aspects if you want to purchase one of the best faucet water filters out there.

Size: Given that you don’t want to give it too much space, you should consider the amount of space a faucet water filter takes up. This depends on your requirement too. For instance, if you are looking for an extensive filtration system, you will have to pick a bigger faucet.

Capacity: Of course, you should check the amount of water a faucet filter can give you. This is where you will have to spend more money, remember. So, it’s recommended that you pick a faucet system that runs filters with higher capacity.

Design: There are two major aspects to design: convenience and aesthetics. Convenience refers to whether you can use the product in the best way possible. On the other hand, Aesthetics is about how the faucet can become a part of your kitchen.

Filtration Technology: is also an important aspect you should check while going for a faucet water filter. There are filter faucets with a variety of technologies, including but not limited to Activated Carbon Fiber and UV membrane.

Additional Features: You should also see if additional features are included in the package. For instance, it makes sense to have a filter replacement indicator and a toggle switch. These features will help you ensure clean water and save water respectively.

Pricing: As you can see, faucet water filters are available in all the price ranges. Depending on your priority — saving some money or getting top-of-the-class cleaning —, you can make the right choice. We’d suggest no compromises on quality though.

How Does Water Filter Faucets Work?

Water filter faucets work almost like normal water filters work. However, there are some differences when it comes to the requisites. For instance, water pressure isn’t much of an issue here. Instead, the water from your feed is let through the filter, which may have one or many filters.

Through these steps, the water would be filtered and various contaminants would be removed. After that, the clean water flows through an outlet. Normally, water filter faucets are attached to the spout and will have a dedicated button. Using this button, you can decide whether you want filtered water or not.

After some time, the filter may face wear and tear and you will have to replace it. This is often an easy task and won’t take more than a few seconds. As you see, compared to fully-fledged counter-top or under-sink filters, water faucet filters are easy to use and maintain.

The Benefits

The biggest benefit of a water faucet filter is the convenience it offers. You don’t have to spend a lot of space or time to maintain the system. Instead, it silently attaches to your faucet spout and gives you clean water, at good rates.

Despite the small size, faucet water filters are really powerful at removing contaminants from water. There are systems that can remove lead, fluorides, chlorine and other form of potential damages from the public water supply you are getting.

Also, did we say that faucet water filters are easy to maintain? You can take these wherever you want and they mostly fit the normal faucets there. Installation does not require extra tools and you need not be a plumbing expert either.


The actual answer depends on the particular type and brand of the faucet filter that you are buying. In most of the cases, however, you don’t need additional tools to install something like this. Instead, the faucet filter is connected to the normal faucet in the sink to enable the flow of water.

Once that’s done, you could use a knob or a button to turn on the filter. Once enabled, you will be getting filtered water through the dedicated outlet in the system. That’s about the installation process. Whenever you have to change the filter, you can do that by following the procedure mentioned in the user guide.

In most of the products we have covered before, you can spot a dedicated indicator for the filter status. You will be notified when the filter has reached its maximum cycles. At that time, you have to purchase a fresh filter and replace the old one.

Cleaning and Replacement

Just like the installation process, cleaning and replacement of the faucet filter is also easy. As we said above, you will have to purchase a compatible filter in the first place. Then, you can simply take out the previous one and pop in the new filter.

Cleaning won’t also be a concern if you are changing the filters in the recommended intervals. It’s always to stay ahead of the deadlines here. For instance, if a filter says it will last for three months, you should think about changing it when you are using it for two and a half months.

Once again, the final words depend upon the type of faucet you are using. Different brands may be following different methods to do it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common doubts about water filter faucets, answered.

1. What do faucet water filters remove?

Depending on the filter being used, faucet water filters can remove a variety of contaminants. The common list includes chlorine, lead, bacterial growth etc. Of course, they deal with a number of other sediments also.

2. How to clean the water filter faucet mount?

To clean the water filter faucet mount, you will have to remove the system from the spout. You can find a method for this in the user guide.

3. How often do I have to change the filter?

It depends upon the capacity and type of the filter you are using. Every filter comes with a recommended number of cycles or the amount of the water it can filter.

4. Are faucet filters effective?

Yes, if you are getting one of the best faucet water filters in the market, with good filtration tech, they are really effective.

5. Are faucet filters better than pitchers?

In some aspect, yes. This is because you don’t have to wait in front of a faucet to get water. Because we’re dealing with decent water pressure, you can get non-delayed water supply.


9 Best Faucet Water Filters Review
  • PUR FM2500V Classic Faucet Mount Filter
  • PUR PFM800HX Horizontal Faucet Water Filter
  • Culligan FM-15A Faucet-Mount Water Filter
  • Waterdrop WD-FC-02 Water Faucet Filter
  • iSpring DF2-CHR Faucet Water Filter
  • HOMY SUS304 Faucet Water Filter
  • Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Water Filter Faucet
  • Instapure F2 ESSENTIALS Tap Water Filter
  • Engdenton Faucet Water Filter


Just like we said in the intro, we have tried to make this buying guide as versatile as possible. Since there is no single perfect faucet water filter, you can make the choice based on your needs alone. Doing so would be useful in prioritizing as per your needs — pricing, filtration intensity, or additional features. Regardless of the choices you make, you can have an easy way to enjoy clean water at your home. We hope you understand that this is made for faucet-only needs and cannot be considered a full replacement for actual water filters.

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