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Best Blenders Under 100 Dollars for Your Home

Appliances are an important part of the kitchen, they ensure that your work gets done faster. So, when you need to crush ice for a milkshake or if you need nuts to be placed in a cake, you would need a blender that works for you in the possible ways. It is not necessary for you to get a high-power blender or the one with lesser accessories as that can be a waste of money at any given point in time. You need to understand your needs and requirements and then find a blender that fits all of them along with the best affordable blender tag. This is the perfect way to get complete value for money. In this article, we have best blenders under 100 dollars with plenty of information to make sure you find the best suitable blender for your kitchen. Read all the blenders reviews below before you make your selection.

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NutriBullet 12-Piece
(High-Speed Blender)
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Ninja Professional BL 610
(Best For Crushing ice)
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Ninja Professional BL 660
(Best Fruit blender)
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Oster Pro Blender
(Stainless Steel Blender)
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Cuisinart CPB-300
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Cuisinart CPB-300
(Single Serve Blender)
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Best Blenders Reviews 2018

1. NutriBulletNutriBullet

The NutriBullet is another good blender you can get under 100 dollars. It is so because it has many features and accessories that make your daily work in the kitchen easy and fast. There are great reviews about this blender being one of the most user-friendly and efficient ones. This is a great example of a simple machine that people love to use to simplify a major task into the minor. We all wish to spend less time in the kitchen as possible, and for this, we tend to find the best blenders on the market. As we need to wrap up our work quickly without wasting ingredients and that too by maintaining the taste and NutriBullet is the perfect blender that will do all these and that too at the affordable rates. It is one of the bestselling blenders on many online sites as of now. For starters; it can crush almost anything to absorbable state and is very good for all purposes. Although it has many positives, there are a few negatives attached.

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2. Ninja Professional BL 610

If you need the perfect blender for all your kitchen needs, then there is none other than the Ninja Professional Blender. You can do a lot with this blender and is considered as one of the best blenders under 100 dollars. Blenders for juicing are a great way to nutrition. The name Ninja Professional Blender says it all, it is a blender that can be put to professional use. One can easily understand its efficiency in making a task easier. The accessories of the blender are dishwasher safe and can save you the hassles to wash separately. If you are finding a blender for crushing ice, then Ninja Professional Blender is the one of the best. A recipe guide and the instruction book are also available for you to make more interesting dishes and drinks. But you need to understand all its functionality before you buy it. Let us look at the pros and cons of the Ninja Professional BL 610.

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3. Ninja Professional Blender BL 660

Do you feel the need to blend all your food items and that too, quick? If so, then you need a blender that is good for its functioning and can crush almost anything that is in its way. So, you should know what kind of foods you use to get the best blender for your money are. If you are looking out for an ice blender or a fruit blender, then I believe BL 660 is best one for you. People spending more time in the kitchen simply love it for its ease of use yet accomplishing more in less time. The Ninja Professional Blender has 2 jars of 16 oz. Cups which come with To-Go Lids. This means you can sip your favorite drink while you are on the go just after crushing it to be used. This saves time from changing containers and saves the cleaning as well. It is also dishwasher safe and has no BPA in it to make it even healthier. Let us look at the Ninja Professional Blender Nutri BL 660 and gauge its other pros and cons in detail.

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4. Oster Pro Blender

If you have been looking for the best blender under 100 dollars and you have not yet found any, then Oster Pro Blender may have features you are looking. Oster Pro blender has many features that are just going to make your kitchen experience a dream walk. Oster Pro Blender comes with glass jars which are a great way to stay healthy. Usually blending equipment always comes in plastic; however, the glass body makes it healthier and suitable for the use of the family. The overall power of the blender is 1200 watts, and it has 900 watts for crushing ice only. The jars are made from glass thereby making it healthier than plastic. It comes with 6 cups of different shapes and a dishwasher safe for a better cleaning. The extra-large 24 oz. Smoothie cup is a boon for making a huge quantity for families. If you are looking for a stainless steel blender, then this is for you. Oster Pro Blender comes with 10 years’ warranty makes it a great product for anyone’s use. With all these features, you are about to find the easiest way to blend and juice stuff without even thinking much. To find out more let us look at the pros and cons of the product.

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5. Nutri Ninja BL 456

Ninja BL 456 Blender which costs less than 100 dollars is a good choice for people who drink smoothies and juice. It can crush Ice, Fruits, seeds, and stems to minute bits which make it easy for people to drink the fluids with easy. There are no wastages or substances filtered with a filter as all the fruits are 100% converted to fluids. There are almost nil solids that will stop at the filter by which you will get most of the nutrients and vitamins in the fruits and veggies. Buyers will also get a 75 Recipe Book which contains plenty of recipes to keep your mouth busy. It weighs just 8.4 pounds and fits perfectly in your kitchen occupying very less space. If you are a smoothie drinker, then this is one of the best blenders for you to look. As we go to the next contender in the list here are pros and cons of Nutri Ninja BL 456.

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6. Cuisinart CPB-300Cuisinart CPB 300

There are a humungous range of blenders available in the market. But Cuisinart another good brand in appliance market also had some good blenders under 100 dollars. The design of this blender is impeccable with a great touch and feel unlike other blenders available in the market. You will find many features which will make it look the best in its category. The sleek design that it comes with can make it tougher for you to maintain but who doesn’t love anything that is sleek and chic? This is a perfect example of beauty that completes the look of your kitchen apart from helping you complete your blending task in a fraction of seconds. Also, the blades come with a high low and pulse control. It comes with 4 16 oz. to go cups for on the go fun. BPA-free jars and cups make it a healthy option. It can store the excess cord and makes the platform look neat and tidy. It is spill proof and leaves no dirt while making the drink and other food items. It can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The blender comes with a 3 years’ warranty to give a consumer satisfaction. A recipe book will help you to make new items from your blender. This is best for people looking for single serve blenders as it comes with four 16oz cups. This blender is not good to use for ice, frozen fruits in high quantity since it had only 300 watts’ capacity.

Let us look at the product in detail with its other pros and cons.

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So these are some of the best blenders we have found for you in the category of below 100$ price to make smoothies, crush ice, and more. Every product had plenty of positives and some cons, we only have to take when the pros totally outweigh the cons of the product according to our needs. The requirement for an appliance depends on many factors like family size, personal requirements, budget, and much more. Also, read the blenders ratings available on the online sites where plenty of users share their experience with the product.

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In our research, we have found that these are the top rated blenders out there and best personal blenders for your home in your budget. I hope this comparison must have got you some fruitful results and you have shortlisted the best blenders under $100.

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